Thursday, August 6, 2015

The Bully on the Bus Goes Round and Round

Day 3 of Camp:

Isaak went to get on the bus to go home. He noticed his cousin Elijah was towards the back of the bus. That was the only spot left.  He sat down. There was a kid that was licking his fingers and flinging his fingers at them to hit them. 

Isaak said, "Why are you being mean to us? We didn't do anything to you!" 

The Bully said, "You looked at me. That's what you did." 

Isaak said, "We can stop this right now, start over, and be friends."

My nephew Elijah just hit him back.

This happened their whole bus ride home. 

Isaak came home, and told me about it. 

I gave him a few tips to deal with this jerk:
  1. Sit towards the front of the bus, by the bus driver. The punk wouldn't dare to sit up there.
  2. Sit next, in front, or behind Mica and Evan (both their older siblings). 
  3. Yell, "Stop it!" to get other people's attention. 
If I would have thought about it, I should have told Isaak to fill his water bottle up before leaving, and accidentally pour it on this kid if he picks on him again. 

I did tell Isaak that this kid probably got picked on, or was treated bad by his parents. Possibly he was ignored all together. Some people feed off negative attention. Regardless there's no excuse for him to act that way.

Travis is going to try and talk to this the Bully and his parent. We just don't know if their drop off is in the same spot as our kids.

How do you deal with punks like this when you were little?

I was diplomatic like Isaak. I was pretty shy and quiet. Yes people liked to pick on me.

At least this jerk doesn't go to school with my kids! 

*Update: Travis didn't talk to the kid, or his parents. He has a different pick up and drop off. Travis, Isaak, my nephew Elijah, and my sister Terra all talked to the camp leader on the bus. She's going to report the incident to the camp director. Even if nothing happens at least something was said.


~ Noelle said...

I hate bullies. We had an issue with a kid at vbs this summer. We spoke to the teacher and finally the director about it all.

~ Noelle said...

I hate bullies. We had an issue with a kid at vbs this summer. We spoke to the teacher and finally the director about it all.

Mary Aalgaard said...

I'd talk directly to the kid. Tell him he's pushing people away. Give him some tools to making friends. If he's still a jerk, tell him he's in trouble and follow through with it by telling the bus driver, camp counselor, or other persons in charge.
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Ai Sakura said...

Yes I think it's important to raise the issue and not let bullies get away. Things might escalate very fast. They need help or punishment, depending on situations.

Ai @ Sakura Haruka

Veronica Lee said...

Bullies need to be dealt with. He probably has issues and by reporting him, you are actually doing him a favour as I'm sure he will be counselled and be taught how to interact with others in more positive ways.

Theresa Mahoney said...

Allison had a bully on her bus. First year it was handled immediately. Second year I called the school immediately after Allison got off the bus and the secretary was miffed I called her instead of transportation. "Why are you calling me instead of taking it up with the bus driver in the morning?" "Well, because it JUST happened, I'm pissed off RIGHT NOW, and I expect the SCHOOL to do something about it NOW instead of having to worry about her dealing the the bully on the way home tomorrow before I have a chance to talk to the driver." (She doesn't ride the bus in the morning.) It wasn't a matter of words being exchanged. The girl stabbed and scratched up Allison's arm with a sharp pen cap. They were going to know I was an angry mama and the problem needed fixed right now. Sure enough, the girl got suspended off the bus the next morning.

I'd say call the school or transportation and make them aware of the situation!

Masshole Mommy said...

I don't know why some kids are so mean, but Isaak totally handled it like an adult. You taught him well.

Eat To Live said...

I hope something does get down about that bully. You are probably right though nothing will happen.


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