Friday, August 7, 2015

Random Tid Bits

I confess...
  1. My husband hates when I buy spinach in a bag.

    The grocery store that we usually go to has been out of the spinach in a plastic box container. I'd rather buy the one in the container as well. I'm not going to run from grocery store to grocery store to find it.

    I rinse out the container we have, and refill it with bagged spinach. Then I don't have to listen to him bitch complain. Don't feel too bad for him. I've asked him many times over again not to rinse the greens in the hand washing sink side, and he does it anyhow. Grit is in the sink when I go to wash dishes. I don't do stuff like this on a regular occurrence. If he asks I'll come clean. Once the store gets the container one back in, I'll go back to buying it.

  2. I may have put off getting ready for school more than usual this year. Why? Because we don't have a printer that prints 2 sided and staples. Our old copier/printer jams almost every time I use it. I knew this week we were getting a fancy printer, so I waited to print things. #I'mSpoiled

  3. I'm already trying to figure out Christmas card ideas. I need to focus on now!

  4. I noticed that Mica's upcoming teacher is friends with one of my friends on Facebook. I may have gone to her Facebook page to Facebook stalk get to know her. I learned that she's a twin, she's obsessed with lions (imagine how she must have felt about that lion getting killed by that dentist), she's a Lio, she strongly believes in astrological signs.

  5. I've never been into astrological signs just because one source will say I'm a Gemini, while other sources will say I'm a Cancer. My birthday lands on the first day of summer. Travis says I'm more of a Cancer, but that I hold a little bit of both traits. Do you believe in astrological signs?

  6. Travis got on me for reviewing a gigantic thing of Cloves and Turmeric.

    Imagine my reaction when I was cleaning our spices, and found a gigantic bag of sesame seeds that I didn't buy. I think we're both guilty.
    For the record I made Pumpkin Spice and All Spice with some cloves. I shared Turmeric with my sisters and mom.

What's something you're guilty of?


Masshole Mommy said...

Hahaha, I would have totally done the same thing about moving the spinach from the bag to the container. He'll never know...unless he reads this.

~ Noelle said...

Ha ha ha about the spinach.
marc is like that about anything "healthy."
If he sees its healthy, it tastes bad.. but if he doesn't know it, he loves it. ha!!!!!!

I am guilty of having too many books. I love them and want the kids to love reading too!

Theresa Mahoney said...

I do sneaky things like repackaging too. They never can tell the difference!

Anonymous said...

That spincah one cracked me up. I've done similar to that before. Hey, a wife/mom has to do what a wife/mom has to do.

You will come up with something for the cards. You always do and they are always great!

Stalker! Haha. JK. That is another thing I have done and don't feel guilty about it at all. Goes back to my a wife/mom has to do...

Eat To Live said...

LOL that is funny that you rinse out the spinach container and put the bag spinach in it so he doesn't complain. I am laughing

Terra Heck said...

I don't believe in astronomy and could care less about its signs. I Facebook stalk people once in a while. You'd be amazed at what my job profession can find out about a person just by stalking them on Facebook. Comes in handy.


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