Friday, July 22, 2016

Random Tid Bits

  1. School will be starting up soonish. Last week I scheduled a routine procedure for the first day of class. I don't teach on Monday, I'm all ready for the week of class, and my driver AKA Travis has the day off. I put in my time off request, and it was a problem.

    Every year on the first day of class I sit in my office, and do virtually nothing for the buzz of the week. I'm working way in advance. I don't take a lot of sick days. I'm pretty sure I gave my computer an eye roll when I read that it wasn't approved. 

  2. I have a make-up class this week. Basically the student needs to make up time because he wasn't here enough during the class to full fill his credit hours. His been late twice. His problem of not being here is now my problem. He has to make up the time. In order to do that I have to stay later on Friday for him to do so. He didn't bring in his annual report from before, so I could look at it like he said he would. It was not my class before, so I have no clue what I'm helping him with. He has some kind of court date one of the days. I wish I could reach the students that struggle with life. 

  3. Mica reads much of the time. Even on busy weekends he'll hand me a thick book and say, "I just finished reading this." I think it drives Travis nuts just because he'd like to see Mica outdoors more, or making something artistic.

    Isaak still struggles with wanting to read. He'll do it, but usually only if he's asked to. One day this week I spotted Isaak with a Lego book. I was so happy to see him reading on his own!

  4. Last week I got a facebook message from an acquaintance inviting me to come over to his house. I don't know this guy very well. Hanging out with people I don't know very well out of my comfort zone. When I mentioned it to Travis he was like, "YES!" I do know the guy that invited us is an art collector. I just painted on 3 wooden dogs for a show that he was having awhile back. I had no clue if this event was ok to take children to. Then it dawned on me that my kids were in their leadership camp that night. This was a big yay because no kids showed up to his house. It would have been odd if I had brought the boys for sure. 

  5. I loved the artwork that said, "too much art will kill you" just because it was everywhere. One I also liked a lot was tribal men attacking grocery carts. It cracked me up! 

  6. Every once in awhile a miss understanding happens. That happened earlier this week. I hate when that happens. I agonize about it for days. I'm not one to let stuff go. I don't like the fact that I pissed someone off. Sometimes people view something so very differently. Quite frankly I don't share the views of a lot of people, but just roll with it. I think the world would be a pretty boring place if we all thought the same way.


Theresa Mahoney said...

I really like his art collection. It looks like we share similar taste in art. I'd be great friends with this guy, I'm sure!

mail4rosey said...

I've upset a dear friend by saying something true, but something I knew she couldn't handle (she's good at dishing things out, but def. not taking them, she takes everything to heart). I hate that she's hurt. I wish I'd have never just said anything at all.

That's cool that the boys were busy the same night you had the invite! The 'too much art' sign is funny. :)

I was a HUGE reader growing up. I still like it, but never have time to really indulge.

Harry Flashman said...

Well, I say what I think. I try to be tactful, and I'm ok with people disagreeing with me if they are civilized about it. But if they want to hold their breath til they turn blue, or get ugly, then.... you know what they say about people who can't take a joke.

This is the first August in many, many years where the first week of the month doesn't mean going back to school for my wife. She still hasn't adjusted to it. That thing with you having to do extra for some kid who didn't pull his own weight is an example of why I quit teaching, and why my wife is so ecstatic to be done with it.

1froglegs said...

The worst part about being a teacher is that you do not get the satisfaction of teasing your kids about the fact that summer break is almost over.

~ Noelle said...

Oh my word... all that art was at his HOUSE????
I would be in AWE the whole time there!

Ai Sakura said...

Yeah I agree we should all just learn to agree to disagree on things. I don't get why some people must force their views on you and be so adamant that you "get their point"!!

Ai @ Sakura Haruka

Indah Nuria Savitri said...

we will start school in September so we still have some times indeed. All those art works are lovely indeed..


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