Thursday, December 1, 2016

Luchengyi Leather Belt Business Style Review

One thing is for sure: Mica likes to dress up at times! A lot of pants in his size are no longer adjustable waist. What does that mean for him? That he needs to wear a belt.

One gift under our Christmas tree this year is a new Luchengyi Leather Belt for Mica!

I love the box that it comes in! I'm able to wrap the box up, or just put it under the tree as is. It's a sleek looking package.


It comes in 2 colors: Black and Brown. Those are pretty typical for belts like this. I would love to see grey as an option too. Mica has black dress pants, so I went with black.

I'm thinking of giving this to Mica early because we are scheduled for family pictures on Saturday, he has his concert at school coming up, and we go to church on Christmas Eve.

It's already sitting under our tree.


  • 1.3 inch wide
  • Classic Brown or Classic Black
  • Polished with a single-prong buckle
  • Holes that are reinforced
  • Different size options - they mention to order larger 
  • Cost is $50.96, but on sale for $22.99

I like the classic, clean look it has. I also like rugged belts too. They're worn with different clothes.

It does buckle up easily.

The stitches are thick like they are meant to last. That is so important to me. This belt will go through my oldest, then my youngest, and will get passed down to their younger cousins when they grow into tweens. Everything is sturdy down to the buckle part.

Being a girl I never wear a belt, but my husband does daily. Men just do not have hips to hold up their pants like girls do. 

Will you be dressing up over this holiday season?

Disclaimer: I got this belt for a discounted price in exchange for an honest review. This company in no way influenced me on my review.


Theresa Mahoney said...

I think everyone needs to have a good leather belt in their wardrobe. This one does look really nice. One Mica will be able to wear for years to come.

Mandy said...

That does look like a nice belt… Great packaging too! I always love when you buy items that come with great packaging; it makes you feel like you are buying something luxurious. :)

~ Noelle said...

that looks like a great belt. Marc needs a new one...
Broxton is still in the adjustable sized pants for now, so we are good to go


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