Friday, December 2, 2016


This is a must watch! It was posted in adweek. I didn't know what happened in the end was what was going to happen.

Did you catch what unfolded in this story?


Theresa Mahoney said...

Woah. Eye opening indeed. I did catch the pic of him pointing a gun as the kid scrolled through his tablet and thought it was odd, but didn't noticed the rest.

mail4rosey said...

Oh Alissa, that's not even uncommon. I think of it every single day at one point or another when I am walking the halls or leading in the classroom. And last week we had a student bring a knife in, threatening to kill girls who had turned down his advances. He was tazed twice and it didn't take him down. Didn't even phase him, actually. A cop pulled his gun. A school administrator did some quick thinking and got him taken down another way. A much safer way. The boy is in a mental institution for now. He won't be back at the school, ever. But... the precedent someone set a long time ago, came to life in our school. Thank God no one was hurt. I wish this would just stop. :(

Harry Flashman said...

If you finger every kid that acts like a psychopath, you'll wind up getting sued and fired. I had at least two who I'm absolutely sure were killers in waiting, but I got them because "he needs a male role model." I had one who threw a rock from a flower garden and knocked out the old woman who lived in the trailer next to him. I had another who carried a cigar box full of pencils sharpened to a diamond point, and he'd throw it at anybody who made him mad. The pencils flew through the air like shrapnel. But there wasn't anything we could do with either of them. Couldn't take them out of the school, couldn't take them out of the classroom because they "needed normalization." Until there are options for dealing with the mentally ill in schools, unpleasant incidents will just keep on keeping on.


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