Thursday, December 1, 2016

Classic Aviator Style Metal Frame Sunglasses Review

One thing that my boys have been hinting at is that they want new sunglasses. I even found a pair of Thomas the Train sunglasses in the backseat, so it certainly was time for them to get new glasses.

Mica's 11 1/2. I decided to get him adult sunglasses. I went with Classic Aviator Style Metal Frame Sunglasses Colored Lens. He's getting them in his stocking. I never thought to give the boy's sunglasses in their stocking until this year. They've always been an Easter thing to get in my mind.


One thing that's really cool about these glasses is that they come in so many colors!

I got him the ones with green lenses, but truth be told I like the red lenses the best.

  • Blue Lenses
  • Dark Blue Lenses
  • Green Lenses
  • Purple Lenses
  • Red Lenses
  • Yellow Lenses

What color do you think you'd choose?

All styles regardless of their color are $9.99. I don't want to spend a lot on my kids when it comes to sunglasses. They have been known to fight over them. 


All the glasses have the same build: Metal Frames with Plasti Lenses that are Non-Polarized. They lenses are 59 millimeters. I always have trouble picturing sizes, so even when I'm told how big something is, it doesn't register. 

My top love is that the lenses have 100% protection against harmful UVA/UVB rays. 

My second love is that they are lightweight. That just makes them comfortable.

Do you have a favorite pair of sunglasses that you like to wear?

Disclaimer: I got these glasses for a discounted price in exchange for an honest review. This company in no way influenced me on my review.


mail4rosey said...

I like the pair you picked best. Groovy colors are fun though.

Theresa Mahoney said...

I live for my aviator glasses. However, I need to have a mirrored finish on mine, otherwise, I just look weird!

~ Noelle said...

Oh wow.. $9.99 a pair???
that is great, for adults and kids... I know I have lost many a pair


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