Friday, March 8, 2019

#30Americans @joslynartmuseum Nick Cave's #soundsuits #art

Are you familiar to Nick Cave's work? It's pretty cool. I watched a documentary on him, on Amazon.

At Joslyn Art Museum they showed some of his work at a special show:

At the end of the show they had a craft for families:

I thought it was going to be really crafty, but then what I saw what they were doing with our crafts I was interested.

We were given a felt square, lots of foam pieces, and glitter glue.

Mine didn't turn out as good as Isaak's. I went with fall type colors.

Isaak went very 3D! The people up front really liked his!

What were we doing? We were part of a Soundsuit.

I wish I could have seen the mannequin fully covered!

It would be fun to make a Soundsuit for Halloween, but people may not know what it is. 

Have you seen Nick Cave's Soundsuits anywhere?


Terra Heck said...

Can't say I've ever heard of Nick Cave or even know what a soundsuit is!

Theresa Mahoney said...

I like you both did a good job, but Isaak's is really impressive! I love all the layers he did on his!


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