Monday, March 18, 2019

Groove Life - Edge Silicone Rings Review

My husband makes most of my jewelry. He designs it, can cast it, and sets the stones. 

He hardly wears his own wedding ring. With his trade he uses his hands all the time. They get dried out from plaster. 

My Dad rarely wore his wedding ring either. His knuckles were so big. He had trouble getting his ring up and over his knuckle. Once it was on it was loose.

I'm happy to introduce you to Groove Life - Edge Silicone Rings:

 The ring came in a cool masculine tin box. It was easy to open.

The Great Thing About Silicone Rings:

-They are not expensive! The one they sent me is $29.95, which is way cheaper than the standard wedding ring.

-There is a lot of different looks: 91 on their website for men right now. 88 on their website for women right now.

-They have ones for men and women.

-They have different sizes to choose from. Men's run from 8-14. Women's run from 4-11.

-They stretch a big, so they'll go over big knuckles. They'll also come off when it's hot outside, and a finger swells.

-There are made with a medical grade silicone, so there aren't metal allergies to worry about.

- Because it's a medical grade silicone your finger won't get as hot as a traditional wedding ring will make it.

Where to Get This Ring:

Get it on their website:

They do let you trade out sizes, if the size doesn't work. They also have a great warranty. If it breaks, they let you exchange it.

Like I said above this ring is $29.95. The cost does very due to the style of the ring. They do have shipping options. I got mine fairly fast! If you want it delivered within 6-7 days it's only $1.99, if you want it delivered within 3-5 days it's only $2.99, and if you want it delivered really fast within 1-2 days it's $29. That still makes it cheaper than any traditional ring.

The Only Downfalls:

There is no stone selection. That's known upfront of course. 

I love the options on their site! Would you ever think to go with a silicone ring?

Disclaimer: I got this product for free in exchange for this review that was written by me. The company did not influence me in any way on what to say. 


Theresa Mahoney said...

I hardly wear my ring too. This one looks super comfy! I like a company that makes it easy to get the right product if it's not fitting correctly.

~ Noelle said...

Most of the medical assistants where I work wear these...


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