Sunday, February 13, 2011

Basket o' Books Review

I was fortunate enough to receive a basket of my choice from Basket o' Books!
They have many baskets to choose from. I wanted something that we could enjoy as a family. Their Movie Night Basket is perfect!

What's great is that Basket o' Books is much more personal then most companies. I emailed them with movie ideas and candy we like. They then put it all together.
    Mica and Isaak were both super excited to get the Movie Night Basket in the mail!

    There was enough in the basket for our family to have about four movie nights.

    Movie Theater Candy: Reese's Pieces, Milk Duds, Skittles and Junior Mints.

    Goldfish Pizza flavored crackers. Isaak has been sneaking handfuls of crackers. LOL

    Cracker Jack and microwave Popcorn. What the people at Basket o' Books didn't know is that I proposed to Daddy first by putting a plastic ring with a loop of paper popping the question in a box of Cracker Jack. Later that proposal night Daddy popped the question with a real ring that he designed and made himself. Cracker Jack is special to us.

    The boy's favorite surprise: How to Train Your Dragon. I've been wanting to see it. It's a really great film that we all could enjoy! Isaak cuddled with me and Mica cuddled with Daddy through the whole movie.

    Basket o' Books can incorporate anything non-perishable you can imagine including:

    • DVDs and Videos
    • Coffiees and Teas
    • Gourmet Sweets
    • Stationery Items
    • Books on Tape/CDs
    • Picture Frames
    • Silk Flowers
    • Toys/Games
    • Office Supplies
    • Home Accessories
    • Gift Certificates
    They truly think out of the basket!

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