Saturday, February 19, 2011

Kung Fu Fighting

I was cracking up earlier this week. I just couldn't stop laughing at Mica and Cousin Evan's conversation. 

It went like this:
  • Mica was jumping around kicking and punching in the air all through this conversation.
  • Evan said, "Mica what are you doing?"
  • Mica said, "I'm Kung Fu Fighting!"
  • Evan said, "No you're not Mica! You can't learn to Kung Fu fight until you're six years old!"
  • Mica said, "I'm a Kung Fu Master!"
  • Evan said, "Whatever Mica! You don't know real Kung Fu!"
  • Mica said, "I learned true Kung Fu from Kung Fu Panda!"
Later on I asked Aunt Terra where Evan got the six years old bit? She said, "You have to be six to sign up to learn Kung Fu at the community center {cousin} Ethan learned at."

Evan and Mica are three months apart. Isaak and cousin Elijah {Evan's brother} are 2 months apart.

Here are a few of my favorite photo's of Evan and Mica together:

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