Saturday, February 19, 2011

Family Night

  • We had my side of the family over tonight. 
  • I cleaned all day. I have to admit that since I work full time, blog a lot, cook most of our meals with Daddy, have 2 young kids, Daddy babysits 2 more sometimes and Daddy and I have opposite work schedules, I'm not the best house keeper. I think that was a run on sentence. ;)
  • I found tons of Duplo's, balls and other random toys under the couch. The boy's got out things as fast as I put things away. Isaak stepped in my dirt pile three times. I stepped in it once. I got distracted because Isaak wanted milk.
  • Everyone came over. Chips got all over the floor and dishes filled the dishwasher. It was time to clean again. Now it's done. 
  • We had fun! The food was great. Everyone brought something, which was great!
  • Isaak wigged out though. I'm not sure why. He just started bawling, and only wanted Mommy and Daddy. He did go to Uncle Tyson for awhile. We thought that maybe he didn't feel good. Later tonight he was dancing and jumping around. I'm wondering if maybe he just got overwhelmed with all the people? Who knows. Two year old's can be odd sometimes.
  • It was good seeing everybody. I don't get to see Aunt Angela's family a lot. Daddy and Aunt Terra babysit Mica, Cousin Evan, Isaak and Elijah; I don't. It's nice to see the youngest kid's play together! I was happy Great Grandpa Kent came over as well. Great Grandma Kent just went into a home, so I know he has to be lonely. I love everyone else too!

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