Monday, February 14, 2011

Field Trip to the Car Wash

  • I mentioned the words, "Car wash" this weekend.
  • All the sudden both boys were like, "When are we going to the car wash Mommy? I want to go now!" 
  • Every time I drove anywhere the car just got dirtier and dirtier. 
  • It was so nice outside that I decided to wash it myself. Then it would stay cleaner for longer. 
  • On Sunday I forgot to wash our other vehicle. 
  • Daddy got home from work, and I sent him and the boys on a field trip to get the Honda Pilot washed
  • The boys were so excited. It was like they were going to a toy or candy store. 
  • Isaak usually wakes up from his nap grumpy. He did, but as soon as I said the words "Car wash" his grump frown :( turned into a ecstatic smile :).
  • I made dinner while they were out on their field trip to get the car washed.
  • They came home happy. Mica said, "Man that was pretty scary." Isaak said, "Dat {that} was cool!" 
  • I love when kids get happy about something so simple.

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