Saturday, July 23, 2011

Great Grandpa Kent's Birthday Bash

We celebrated Great Grandpa Kent's birthday tonight. The event was at Great Aunt Marsha's house. Our family is smaller then most, so we get together with Great Aunts, Great Uncles, Great Grandparents, 2nd Cousins and cousins for special events.

Mommy has 6 cousin's total. Mica and Isaak have 6 cousin's total. Other people I know have too many to count.

I brought seedless grapes and Couscous Salad.

Here's the birthday boy: 

As far as small kiddo's go, we have 7 1/2 boy's and 1 girl. It goes Ethan (which is the oldest. I'm not sure if he counts as a small kiddo. He's almost old enough to babysit. That's where I got the 1/2. He's 1/2 big boy, 1/2 small kiddo.), Evan 6 years, Mica almost 6 years, Colton 3 years, Elijah 3 years, Isaak 3 years, Kensley 2 years, Alex 4 months and Emerson 4 weeks. Here are the kids I don't normally feature (all were given the ok to post by their mommy's).

Colton is 3 years old. He's older then Isaak. He is my cousin Brad's son. I didn't get a photo of him because of Isaak's eye (a few post's above this one). I got this photo from Facebook.

Kensley is 2 years old. Almost 3. This is Colton's sister, my cousin Brad's daughter. The only girl we've had in the family since my cousin Megan who is now in high school.

Kensley with a blue tongue.

This is Alexander AKA Alex, who is 4 months. He's fun to play with. He is my cousin Stacy's son.

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