Friday, July 22, 2011

Melt Down

Everybody has a melt down once in awhile. Today Isaak had one. 

I asked if he'd help me make blueberry muffins? He seemed ok with the idea, but disappeared into his room.

Daddy got home and went to water something. Isaak wanted to go outside. I said, "Ok! As long as you get your shorts and shoes on. Go get them and I will help you put them on." He disappeared into his room once again. He came into the kitchen right as Daddy came in. Isaak cried.

Then Isaak went back into his room to play. Daddy went back outside with Mica. Isaak kept calling for Mica. I told him that he was probably hiding. I didn't want him getting upset that they went outside. Isaak said, "I think they outside Mommy. I want to go outside." I said, "Ok bring me your shorts and shoes." He never did. Daddy and Mica came in the house and Isaak had a melt down.

Notice his eyebrows! His eyebrows have slanted up like that since he was an infant. Tears lead to eyebrow's slanting for Isaak.

He was crying, laying on the floor and kicking his feet. This was a true tantrum. I grabbed the camera and shot this photo. Isaak stopped crying, smiled and asked to see photo. Then he laughed at the photo of himself crying. The tantrum was over. Just like a snap of a finger.

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