Tuesday, July 19, 2011


I went to turn my laptop on last night, and only got a white screen. I restarted only to get a white screen once again.

Moving forward in time- My co-worker that is great with computers can't even fix my damaged one. Two of my co-workers were really impressed that I wasn't freaking out. I told them that I let things build up and then blow. Not very healthy.

He thinks the Motherboard is out, which is bad! That means that all the school work I've done to prepare for my fall classes is bye bye. I back things up at midterm and finals time. I haven't had a chance to back up recently.

To make things worse, my boss is out of town for a week. We rummaged through his office to find my cloned laptop from spring.  

My computer crashing makes me feel like my life is crashing. It's just one more thing to top off my rocky (up and down) summer. I'm thinking I need another Staycation. That would be such a blessing bad idea! I would get nothing done then!

Update! Now they are thinking it's my hard drive. If this is the case, my work for the summer is for sure bye bye.


What I Did Today said...

Oh man! That's awful!!!! I think I should back up my computer. I'll lose all my pictures if it goes now. I really, really hope they can fix your computer so you can get everything back!

Storage said...

I have lost all my music and pictures when my computer got out of order.It's really awful experience!

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