Monday, August 15, 2011

Mica's First Day of Kindergarten

Mica officially in kindergarten! He was excited and a little nervous.

After school I talked to him on the phone. He was talking my ear off with all the things he got to do. He loved that they got to go to the gym and playground twice. He talked about some of the kids in his class; said he was friends with a girl and another kid had the same name as someone in his preschool class. He liked his teacher a lot. They had hot dogs, but he couldn't finish his lunch. He was excited.

When I got home from work Mica and Isaak were fighting a lot. Mica was super tired! He looked tired! He got mad at me because he wanted to watch a movie and I said, "Nope!" I said after dinner it was time to get his nails trimmed, take a bath, get teeth brushed, read books and then bedtime.

School tired Mica out! That's one thing I've worried about. That boy still sometimes falls asleep in the middle of the day. His bedtime may need to get bumped up a bit. He may just have to adjust.


Lindsay said...

Aww what a handsome little kindergartener! I don't even want to think about when my son starts school.

What I Did Today said...

Love the picture. Is it really time for back to school already?!?!?! Summer isn't even over yet! Sounds like moving bedtime up a bit would be a really good idea. :) Glad he had a great first day.

Anonymous said...

i miss school days so much...i used to be think like a matchstick and yet energetic all the time...sigh why does time has to fly....

i like Mica's photo...when he starts reading your blog, he will have so many little memories to cherish :)

Liz Mays said...

I remember being super sleepy when school started every year, but after a while it does get easier, and I'm sure Mica will adjust really quickly.

He's such a cute boy!

Saru Singhal said...

He is looking so handsome:) He will adjust in a week or two . Good, he is enjoying...:)


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