Monday, August 15, 2011

We Think We Have it Rough

I think as humans we have to step back every once in awhile and look at our lives.  I got reminded of not taking things for granted yesterday at the preschool meet-up.

A lot of people were asking me about Aunt Terra and cousin Emerson. Terra's family wasn't there yet. I felt bad for not offering to pick up cousin Elijah. I figured they would have asked if he needed a ride. Emerson hates car rides. He scream cries every time he's in the car! Then he's wore out from crying so hard! Poor baby! I feel bad for him. They got there, but late.

It was introduction time. I was feeling really bad because Terra's whole clan still wasn't there.

In walks a set of  triplet boys that are joining the west campus preschool. One was a lot smaller then his brothers and he had glasses on. He was so cute, but I'm sure was the runt compared to his brothers. Not only that, but they had another older child (I'm not sure what age). She had a lot of problems. She was in a wheel chair, hooked up to O2 and a feeding tube. Their dad had to sit out in the hallway with her. There was no room for a wheel chair to get through.

When Terra's clan got there Elijah was crying, Terra had Emerson (hands full), Tyson had all other things (hands full) and no pathway to walk through. I grabbed Elijah to comfort him.

I was feeling bad for my sister's family and the other family with the triplets (who I do not know at all).

I was talking with a guy last week at work who has a niece that is 6 months old and doesn't use her left side at all. The doctors think she might of had a stroke in the womb!

We went on to talk about how there is always someone that has it worse off then you do. I agree with that. It's just that it is so hard to see when you have a family member that has a lot of problems of their own. In his nieces case they don't know what's wrong with her for sure. How scary!

My co-worker sent me this inspiring video over the weekend via Facebook:

Whenever you feel lesser then the next person, think about this guy that did so much with such a positive outlook!

Take your negativity and flip it around. I say this, it's not always easy to do. Let the little things go. 


Saru Singhal said...

I saw this video a year back on orkut and I was speechless. Again, after seeing it, I' m speechless. One thought that comes to my mind is- Where there is a will, there is a way. As you said, Have a positive outlook...

Amanda McCusker said...

It is amazing what we can accomplish with positive thinking. I know there are days when I feel overwhelmed or even depressed. But it is very true, there are so many others who have mountains to climb when I only have small pebbles. There are so many kids and families that are sick, the minor meltdowns in my family just don't seem that big of a deal. So I think it would be good practice that when you feel sorry for yourself, pray for someone else...the best medicine to ease yourself is to stop thinking of yourself at all. Very inspirational post.

Anonymous said...

You are exactly right. I am always telling my oldest children (the 24 and 18 year old boys/men) to focus instead of the negative, to put all that negativity towards positive thoughts. There are still times I forget to do the same for myself!
Great video. Thank you so much for sharing!


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