Wednesday, August 17, 2011

School Days

I know I've been talking about Mica and kindergarten a lot. It's what is new in our lives.

Today Mica wanted a cold lunch. He went to school and forgot to put his lunch with all the other cold lunches. Instead he put it by his feet at his table. He ate a hot lunch. Then his teacher realized Mica had a cold lunch when they went back into the classroom.
Mica's Lunchbox
When Daddy picked Mica up the teacher wanted to talk to him. She talked about how Mica is so great and is confident with art. Then she said how bad she felt with him missing his cold lunch! She's used to teaching first grade. Kindergarten is new to her as well. Kids and sometimes adults forget more when something is new or out of routine. I think that's pretty normal.

Daddy emailed the teacher Monday night to tell her that he fixed some numbers on Mica's paperwork. She emailed him back saying she was glad we got the paperwork back to the school so fast.

Then she went on to say that the first station they had at school was puzzles and building. We know Mica is strong in that area. He puts puzzles together like it's nothing. We got a defective USA puzzle from Melissa and Doug. They put in two Wyomings instead of a Colorado. It was a present to Cousin Evan. Aunt Terra called the company, and they sent her a free one! We in turn got the defective one. Mica pretty much knows where all the states go. If you ask him his capitols he knows them to. Transformers that I would have a problem putting together, is a breeze to him. According to the teacher, at school he was patiently helping the other kids. I've seen him be this way before. He helped Great Grandma Kent unwrap packages at Christmas last year. She has Alzheimer's disease and forgets a lot of things now. With Isaak, Mica doesn't really help him too much. Maybe it's because Isaak won't let him. Isaak went through the "I do it myself!" stage. Also he is particular about who helps him. I think Mica gave up a little with Isaak.

It sounds like Mica's doing good in school. Now if only we could build up his memory skills {remembering that his gym shoes are in his bag and that he brought a lunch ;)}! I imagine that during winter time, he'll misplace gloves frequently. I better stock up and should get my butt in gear with labeling Mica's stuff.

He still is very grumpy in the evening. It's just from being tired. We put him to bed early! Mica seems excited to go to school! He talks about his day when Daddy picks him up. I'm hoping it's just an adjustment thing that he'll get used to in a week or so.

*Side Note: I'm so happy I figured out how to have no background on my image! It was really easy!

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