Sunday, August 14, 2011

Camping in Our Backyard

Since Mica's birthday party was postponed, we decided to pop a tent up in our backyard to make up for it. It's something we wanted to do most of the summer and never got around to doing until now.

By the way, I think everyone is over the tummy bug now! *Crossing my fingers!

We started the night out with dinner on our new outdoor furniture. Sorry no pictures of this. Our patio is cleaner, but not that clean.

Daddy wasn't planning on building a fire, but ended up doing so. Isaak and I went to get some stuff to make smores. When we got home Daddy and Mica had the tent popped and a good fire going!

Isaak was super excited to see both the tent and fire! Daddy said that Mica was a pretty good little helper.

When it came time for the smores, Mica didn't want to eat it because the marshmallow had black on it. Daddy and I kept telling Mica that the black was the best part! He finally decided to try it, and liked it. Isaak didn't want to eat his together. He had everything separate.

Mica spotted this in a crate by the fire. It's a butterfly caccoon. Mica came running down the hill and said, "Mommy you have to see this chrysalis!" I love when little kids use big words!

We slept in the tent. It was much colder then we had originally planned for. The ground was all wet just from dew. Isaak kept turning to the middle of the air mattress; pushing me practically off. Not the most comfortable night's sleep. Mica, Isaak and I woke up kind of stuffy. We have good memories though!

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