Sunday, August 14, 2011

Preschool Meet Up

Isaak got to see his teachers and hang out with his fellow preschoolers. Mica loved it because he was friends with many of kids there from his former years at preschool.

Mrs L said that she didn't know what to feel about Mica not being in her class. He's been there since she started. We enrolled Mica early. He had just turned 3 and began preschool. We put him in early to A) Give him something to do. B) Give him better social skills. He was kind of awkward around other kids at that age. C) He was already potty trained and knew his letters. D) Cousin Evan was going, so we sent Mica to.

Isaak wasn't too bad of a leg clinger today! We played a few outdoor games and introduced ourselves. He really warmed up to Mrs K. She's the more outgoing of the teachers. Isaak knows how to cut and draws pretty well. He doesn't know his letters. All in due time.

What I'm worried about: Isaak calling Mrs L a boy! He has to me at home. She has really short hair. I keep telling Isaak that she's a girl. He looks at me odd when I tell him this.

Otherwise I think preschool will be good for Isaak!


Subhrashis Adhikari said... a kid even i used to think that everyone with short hair is a guy :)

Anonymous said...

:D kids are so funny :)


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