Sunday, September 18, 2011

KC Part One

Daddy drove us to Kansas City this weekend.

We had a wedding to go to for a college friend. We were super excited to see some of our friends. It's just too bad that we couldn't hang out with them longer.

I'd love to say that the kids were perfect angels, but I would be fibbing. I felt the kids were good; for being in the car for three hours.

We got to KC and ate at Winsteads. It's not the healthiest place, but we ate there a lot in college. There are a lot of memories there.

Image found here.
Then we hung out in the plaza. Shopping in the plaza wasn't the same as I remember it. Adding a grumpy husband and two stir crazy kids to the shopping experience was interesting. The first store the kids were literally all over the place. I apologized to the sales person. I basically said, "Our boy's need to run around a little they've been in the car for 3 hours." She pointed to some steps across the street. We went over and climbed some stairs multiple times. The boys were happy to climb.

Here you can see how Daddy was grumpy not in a good mood. I laughed so hard at this picture. Daddy looks like a homeless man, Mica is lovin' life and Isaak was slow on the steps.
 I should mention that the boys were the reason why Daddy was grumpy not in a good mood.

I climbed the steps to.
Then we walked around the plaza and barely shopped. We mostly walked and looked at their cool fountains. At least I got to go into Restoration Hardware! It's a store we don't have that I love!


Liz Mays said...

How wonderful that there were some climbing stairs nearby to work out some of that energy!

Eat To Live said...

Hahahaa.... why is it guys get so grumpy on trips.

Wow!!! look at all those stairs, bet you got your exercise for the day and it let the kids get out some pent up energy.


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