Thursday, September 22, 2011

Tonight I Played Puppies With Isaak

While Daddy was going over reading with Mica, I played puppies with Isaak.

We have two of these Duplo Puppies:
Isaak and I pretended that his much bigger Melissa and Doug dog was the twin puppies Mommy.
Stuffed animal is much bigger then it appears. Source found here.
Isaak was all giddy. I told him to go get two tissues for Mommy. He did. I wrapped the Duplo puppies in the tissues like they were blankets for real babies. Isaak was super excited! We kept barking back and forth. Silly I know!

Later on I was getting the clothes set out for the boys. I set the two little Duplo puppies in the time-out chair. Isaak said, "Mommy why are my puppies in the time-out chair?" I made up something, "Well Isaak they are in the time-out chair for barking in my face." Isaak walked up to the time-out chair and said, "You're in time-out puppies for barking in Mommy's face! You're also in time-out for barking in my face. You're in time-out for 3 minutes, double!" I had a good laugh.

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Eat To Live said...

Hahahaah.... I can just picture you barking at each other. How much fun! So many times we forget how much fun it is to be a kid agian.


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