Thursday, September 22, 2011

Last Week Isaak Saw an Owl

They brought in an owl to preschool that had gotten hit by a car. He was hurt. :( The kids loved it though. :) They even got to touch him.

Do you think owls are cute, scary or wise looking?

Cute owl found here.
Isaak called the one at preschool cute! I think it probably depends if they are in their attack mode or not. I'm fascinated with how they turn their heads for sure!

We have some bird lovers in our house! When Mica was Isaak's age he LOVED peacocks! He had to see the peacocks at the zoo. Then when they went on a field trip to a farm; Mica was trying to tell them that there was in fact peacocks there! Aunt Terra kind of nudged him to be quiet. Daddy told Mica later on that there were peacocks on a farm by where he grew up.

Crazy House is giving away {winners choice} of pjs at New Jammies. I think I'd pick this owl pair for Isaak:


What I Did Today said...

I think owls are cute too. One of my sisters is completely nuts about them. She goes owl watching regularly. :) Those owl jammies are adorable.

Anonymous said...

i am yet to see an owl this close :D


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