Saturday, November 19, 2011

Christmas Time is Getting Closer

Is it just me, or does it not feel like Christmas time is near?

I think it's maybe because the weather has been warmer than usual. Although it is cold today! It's also because we (my mom, sister's and I) are not doing our annual cookie decorating event. This year it's just not going to work out.

This morning I did decide to venture out of the house. Mica's been fine all day. I waited until 11 to see if he'd act or get sick again. NOPE! I'm glad I stuck around the house most of the morning. I got dishes and a lot of laundry done! Where did we go? Fat Brain Toys. I love that toy store so much! They have toys out for the boys to play with, while Mommy shops. It's small, so I can still see the kids. Also one of my students that graduated is in charge of their website and toy packaging. Pretty cool job. It's full of many toys that you just can't find other places. I got Mica a small 3D globe puzzle (it's small) and Isaak a tiny bamboo car for stocking stuffers. The boys were so preoccupied, they paid zero attention to what I was doing. I saw on their FB that if you whispered "Hide and Seek" at the check out they'd give you something. We got a Highlights Picture Find book. We get thinner ones in the mail, but this one was bigger. Perfect for our trip coming up! Isaak played with a wooden marble track and Mica was all over playing with everything. I am glad that the boys don't beg for things. They are pretty content with me saying, "If you want that, we'll put it on your Christmas list."

If I ask Mica what he wants for Christmas? He lists off all kinds of things! Too many things, Santa won't buy 1/2 of what he wants. If I ask Isaak what he wants for Christmas? He says, "A present." That Santa can cover! ;)

After our venture to the toy store, we went to Bed Bath and Beyond to get Daddy something. The boys were crazy in there. They found a full size mirror that they were making faces in and laughing up a storm!

Then we went to Hobby Lobby. There I got dark chocolate melts. Time to make some Christmas candy! I will be eating hardly zero pieces. It's fun to do and will get me in the spirit of Christmas. I also picked up chocolate advent calendars for the boys.

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Penny Minding Mom said...

We haven't gotten around to to making our Christmas lists yet, but I hope she asks for something Santa can do!

The first thing she wanted for her birthday was a puppy and mommy came home with a baby brother, so I hope she won't be disappointed at Christmas!


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