Thursday, November 17, 2011

Do You Regret Anything You've Done to Your Body?

This post has nothing to do with Isaak or Mica.

I have this college student. I'll call him Jay for the sake of this post. He loves attention. He came up to my desk and said, "Hey Mrs. Apel I just got a tattoo!" I said, "Oh really?!" Jay says, "Let me show you." I didn't even say that I wanted to see it. He pulls his sleeve up and shows me his tattoo. It's a voluptuous lady squatting holding her breasts up. I'm not sure how he thought I'd respond. I just said, "Boobs."

Then I asked about the cost of this tat? Jay's a student that's always complaining about not having money for rent, art supplies and food.

His girlfriend and girlfriend's parents paid for it. It was his birthday present. Never mind that his girlfriend is trying to save up to go to college herself. I said, "Well I bet they are proud of your tat!" I was of course being sarcastic. I mean what was I supposed to say?

As he walked away I thought about him as an 80 year old man with great grand kids. I'm sure he'll be either covering up his tattoo, or he'll be a sick man that shows it off to everyone just to see their reaction.

I have a lot of students that get tattoos. I work at an art college. It's the subject matter of this tat that makes me want to shake my head. It's not even a nude done in an tasteful, artistic way.

I turned to my assistant and said, "I'm getting a tattoo of a penis on my arm next week." Of course I'm totally joking!!! NEVER! 

Oh and I'm seeing some CRAZY piercing's!

One girl pierced her own tongue. Talk about dangerous!

For awhile it seemed like crazy piercing was kind of going out. Students were putting loop holes through their ears the size of a quarter. I haven't seen that in awhile. The hand above, those piercings seem to be what's in. They do look kind of cool, but one girl that has them is infected all the time.
Have you or do you know anyone that has ever regretted getting a tattoo or piercing?

I've only had my ears pierced. No tats. Daddy has a few tats. The only ones I see point in, is remembrance tattoos. Someone close to you passes away, and you get a tattoo symbol or name to remember them by.

I'd think that with the Go Green movement, artists would want the natural, unpeirced, untattooed look. The 80's style is back, so piercing does go with the punk rock movement.


Eat To Live said...

I am with you when it comes ot tats and piercing. Kids are stupid, but it is not only kids doing it. I see women my age with these ugly sagging tattoos.

The only thing I have ever regretted doing to my body.... Is eating all the sugar I ate over the years. I think had I curbed my sugar intake, candida/parasites would not of taken over.

Anonymous said...

Drives me insane :'(

I have pierced my ears, but I think that's reasonable, beyond that, I doubt I would do anything stupid.

Have you see Amy Winehouse's tattoos? Very rebellious. I did like hers, but then, that's the kind of life one may live to have such tattoos.

steph said...

I don't know where it is appropriate to leave this comment, but I wanted to say hi! I found your blog on picket fence blogs..mine is right below yours! but i wanted to say, that I teach art to kids with autism in nj! and i have 2 boys too! anyway, I just wanted to say hi! um, as for piercings, I was an art student once, and pierced my own naval. i don't recommend it! does your blog have a facebook page, I would love to become a fan!


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