Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Doctor Doctor

Both boys went to a well visit to the doctor this week.

Their doctor isn't at all concerned with Mica's distracted behavior. He told Daddy, "He's a boy and he's six." As long as he does well in school, which he is, Mica's just fine.

Their doctor also isn't concerned with Isaak's runny stools. He mentioned to give Isaak probiotics, which I had just started doing. It could be from the new fruits added back into his diet or toddler diarrhea.

Dr Harrison said the same things about the boys issues that I thought he'd say.

Usually I have a big blog about their doctor visit, but Daddy took them there. I asked how it went? He said, "Fine." That's all I got out of him.

Mica is in the 86% for height and in the 59% for weight. He weighs 51 lbs.
Isaak is in the 84% for height and in the 64% for weight. He weighs 37 lbs.

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~ Noelle said...

lol. dads response sounds how it would be if marc took broxton...


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