Monday, April 23, 2012


On Saturday all I wanted was a nap. I know this is impossible considering that I'm a mom.

Daddy gets a nap sometimes. He has a fancy alarm set to go off 3 different times. Twice in the morning and once at 3 something to wake up to pick Mica up from school. I know Daddy almost always goes to sleep after me and needs a nap more than I do for that reason.

On Saturday I would have paid someone just for one single nap. Allergies were driving me nuts.

I laid Isaak down and he went to sleep pretty much right away!

Isaak slept from 3 to 6:30. He was one tuckered out dude!

Mica on the other hand isn't always great about naps anymore. He 6, so he's outgrown them. I have to say that once in awhile I'm so lucky and he takes one!

Mica was playing all nice in his room, while I rested.

Daddy's 3 something alarm clock goes off right as I was about to sleep.

I dose again. Mica comes into the room and complains that his eyes hurt from allergies. I tell him to join the club and to join me. He lays down. I fell asleep and Mica starts fiddling with the remote right next to my ear. I woke up, snapped at him. Guess what? He falls asleep in my bed. I didn't get a wink.

Motherhood and naps don't mix.


Natalie said...

Ain't it the truth! As soon as I get my older one down for his nap, the baby wakes up to eat UGH...

Sorry I haven't commented lately, been out of sorts hopefully I can catch up on the Apels soon!!

Eat To Live said...

I hear you Alissa!! I would be about ready to break that fancy alarm clock that goes off 3 times. My Hubs used to set his... I got so mad at it going off that he now has no alarms set.

~ Noelle said...

i would love naps... but it just doesn't seem to work in my favor either


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