Friday, April 27, 2012

Tonight I Splurged

We haven't been out to eat for a long while. Tonight Daddy was working, I worked all day, I had coupons and decided to splurge.

Mica ate like a true piggy. He eats ALL THE TIME!

When he got done eating he wanted MORE!

I had another coupon for a free mango or strawberry smoothie. Mica was all over that. I told him, "Ok I'll give the coupon to you as long as you go order it." He was like, "Ok are you sure Mommy?" I said, "Yep! Just go ask for a mango smoothie." He said, "Ok! I need money though." I said, "Nope! This one is free." He said, "OK! Watch me!"

Isaak and I watched Mica go up and order. He stood there waiting and finally said, "Um can I have a yellow one of these?" She got him one. Then it was too thick and he couldn't drink it up out of the straw. I said, "Why don't you go ask them for a spoon?" Mica said, "Mommy you are a genius!" :)

I think after his mango smoothie, Mica was full! Oh and Isaak, well he was a spazz all evening. Mica looks like he could pop in the photo below and Isaak's, well Isaak! I'm laughing about Isaak now, but at the time I was about to pull my hair out!

Off we went to the Y. It was open swim night. We got all ready to go into the water and then were told that we couldn't get into the pool because someone saw lighting.

Back in the family changing room we went to get pjs on. Isaak was still a spazz. The boys wanted to know why we couldn't get in the pool? I said, "Well if you are in water and lightening strikes, you can get hurt." They look concerned. I took it one step further and said, "Lightening can hear you. You have to whisper, so that the lightening can't hear you!" The rest of the night spazzy Isaak was nice and quiet. He whispered until it was time for bed. :)


Eat To Live said...

Quick thinking Mom! Lightening can hear you..... LOL.... I wish I would of thought of that when my Daughter was small.

~ Noelle said...

might have to steal that one.. would love whispers around here...


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