Saturday, April 28, 2012

Swimming Lessons

The boys are back in swimming lessons. I was kind of late with signing them up, so they are in a Saturday morning class.

When they first got there I flip flopped their classes. Their swimming lesson classes are all odd names. Mica's in Polliwog and Isaak's in Eel. To me "Polliwog" sounds little! I had Isaak sitting in Mica's lesson! I really quickly realized and switched kids. All the kids looked too big to be Isaak's age.

I do have to say that they are practically just as good at swimming. It's just that Mica can touch the bottom and Isaak can't.

When it was Isaak's turn to go to his lesson he broke out in tears. I guess he really liked his last coach. He said he didn't like him because he didn't wear goggles. He had a hard time going to someone new.

Little boy's trunks seem to ride up like the photo. Little girl suits give them a wedgie. I remember my sister, Aunt Terra asked me once to pick out her wedgie. She is 5 years younger than me.

Both boys have the same coach. We'll see how it goes. They were impressed with how well Mica does the free style stroke. That clicked towards the last set of lessons he had last time.

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