Monday, April 23, 2012


This must be the weeks of doctor appointments!

Last week I had an orthopedic appointment. I learned that: A) I need to get specially made arch supports for my oh so flat feet that I inherited from my Father AKA Grandpa Spiehs. This leads me to a doctors appointment today. My arch supports will be made. B) I had my fist wart on my foot. Gross I know. It's what I have. I had to go to another doctor to get that frozen. It was just cold at first and later hurt like hell. Because it was on the bottom of my foot, it really hurt like hell to walk on. C) I may have to get an MRI. The orthopedic doctor thinks I may have fractured my tibia bone when I fell in October. I still have yet to decide what to do with that. I put in a call to the nurse on Thursday to see what they'll do if I did do that? She has yet to call me back, so I need to call again.

Tomorrow both boys go in for their annual well check visits. I have a list of a couple things I want Daddy to ask the wonderful Doctor Harrison.

Isaak keeps having diarrhea. Another gross thing that we're going through, but such is life. Mica went through a spot in his late toddler years, having diarrhea a lot as well. We came to the conclusion at the time that it was toddler diarrhea. For Mica it lasted for a month, maybe more. Then went away. Isaak, like Mica shows no pain in his tummy. He seems to be in a growth spurt. He's just having very loose stools. He goes a lot! Sometimes in the middle of the night. I did think that the change in fruits could be a part of his problem as well.

Daddy's concerned with Mica's behavior. Mica gets very distracted, is super energetic after school hours. Daddy thinks Mica is just like himself and views this as a concern. Mica does do well in school. The teacher actually raved about him at conference time. Part of me just thinks this is normal boy behavior. He does have a lot more energy and distracted more so than Isaak. I do see a lot of Daddy in Mica. If I were the doctor giving advice I'd say, "Cut out more sugars and put him on a diet with more veggies and protein." Mica is always asking for carbs to eat. I'm finding myself saying, "NO!" more and more. It's hard when he eats all his food, eats another plate of food and is still hungry. The boy is GROWING like a weed! He stays skinny. I'm trying to find ways to sneak veggies into our foods. Our mashed potatoes have carrots or cauliflower in them. Our homemade chicken nuggets have ground up veggies in them - last time I included too much, it was more like a veggie nugget with a little bit of chicken. Our homemade juice has veggies added sometimes. I try and serve two veggies with a meal, which I used to serve just one. Mica's a piggy right now. He dances around and says, "I'm hungry what kind of sweet treat can I have?"

Mica was grounded from TV last week. He said, "Next time you should ground me from sweet treats, I want those more than TV!" Thanks for the idea Mica. ;)

To top off my wonderful week last week, someone tried to rip off my credit card online. Thank got for good banks! They called me right away and put my card on hold. It wasn't lost or a stolen card. They just stole my number. They didn't charge anything to it. They just used it to open an account. How do banks know these things? They saw it was used for a $0 balance to set up an account and called me right away. I had to write checks out to pay for my co-pays last week.


Anonymous said...

Oh no I hope you are okay. Warts are the worst. I have had them several times. Good luck with the well visits today! Oh and the idea from Mica was hilarious. Kids are way too funny.

Diane said...

Sounds like a busy and not so fun week! Hope this week goes better for you. Miss you!!! :O)

Liz Mays said...

Mica suggesting he should have been grounded from tv is way too funny!!!! I hope that you didn't really fracture your tibia. :(

~ Noelle said...

ha ha ha.. he will learn not to give you suggestions! that is too funny... reminds me when my brother went to tell my mom to teach my dad to spank because he did not spank hard! ha ha ha


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