Monday, July 1, 2013

Too Good to Be True

I read awhile ago online that JC Pennies gives kids free haircuts last August, before school started last year. I took my kids in, and they got their free haircuts.

Then I got an email saying that there was so much shopping success with free kids haircuts in August, that they were going to offer free haircuts every Sunday. It was an endless statement. Here it talks about it. I even got an email from the CEO saying the same thing, since I'm on their mailing list.

I'm not saying that I'm out for a free haircut. I just thought they were giving free haircuts on Sundays. I took the boys in and it was $14 each boy. I hate when you're thinking, "I'm getting a deal!" and it's not a deal at all. I know I should have called first, and asked. I didn't want to sound like the cheap skate that I really am. LOL

Truth be told Daddy could have done what this lady did. He was going to; I told him not to because they could get free haircuts from JC Pennies. My bad.

It was cute that Isaak kept snapping and humming.

Mica's bangs did end up being fairly even. His bang line is so crooked. When his hair is cut, the crooked bangs is usually noticeable. He was so serious when his hair was being cut.

I wish my boys would follow the current trend with longish hair. I'm not talking so long that they need their hair in a ponytail. I wish we could go into get their hair done, and just get a trim up.

Usually it's Isaak's hair that I like longer, but Mica's hair was growing longer to and I liked it as well. I'm not saying I hate their hair short. It's cute short to. It's just when they want a cut, they want it all cut off. Isaak wasn't happy with his hair this time, he wanted it buzzed. I'm talking bald as a baby. They both beam at the sound of the hair clipper coming out.

Aren't these hair cuts cute for boys?

Isaak's hair is full of cowlicks. It's actually easier to maintain when it's slightly longer.
Source Jelly Pug Model
I've always liked this kid's hair. 
I think Mica would look great with this haircut. The same length all the way around.
Little Boy Blue Green Field Stock Photo - Image: 5359510
Longer on top and shorter on the sides would be cool to.


Lisa @ Two Bears Farm said...

We did the free haircut deal last August. They did a great job.

Theresa Mahoney said...

I've never done the free hair cut deal. I always assumed that they would be super busy and I hate going to the stylist. I just cut the girls hair myself.

I think the boys look very cute with their new cuts. I like both styles of hair, short and long. I think it just depends on the kid if a shaggier do suits them or not.

Masshole Mommy said...

Oh I don't like long -ish hair on boys at all. I keep both of my boys buzzed - neat & clean :)

~ Noelle said...

i am not all about long hair on broxton... just because i dont like having to listen to my mom... (speaking of which, she will be saying something about it when she seems him next!)
i dont keep it short though either... ha ha ha...
he only gets his hair cut a few times....
before school starts, Christmas, Easter and before end of the year pictures... lol


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