Thursday, January 9, 2014

My Misconception of Music

When I was little I went to church two times a week: On Sunday I had church and Sunday School, on Wednesday I had Choir Practice. Later on there was communion class, and Confirmation.

It was a very traditional church. The hymns sang in church were typical; unlike the contemporary churches, and services.

I remember singing How Great Thou Art. As a kid I loved that song! Why? Because it had art in it. It was talking about how great art is. How could I not like it? LOL I didn't really understand the, "Then sings my soul, my savoir God to thee..."

The adults I went to church with loved Go Tell it on a Mountain. It was pretty catchy, and a strong song. As a kid I pictured Julie Andrews in Sound of Music. She escaped the Nazi regime by hiking through the mountains.

Another song I loved was Onward, Christian Soldiers. It to was a strong song. Heavy voices from the church bellowed, and echoed in the church. Men sang this song stronger than most. The low notes were more accommodating to them; compared to the other songs. I loved it because the song to me was about the green plastic toy soldiers I saw some of the boys in my class play with. They were marching to war.

This post is in no way bashing church, or religion. It's truly my thoughts as a child.


mail4rosey said...

hahahaa I love that song still today. My husband doesn't know the hymns like those that were staples to me as a child, his church didn't sing them. :)

My son mixes up lyrics and things they're about things they're not and I always love hearing his interpretation (and I do my best not to laugh until he's out of the room). :)

mail4rosey said...

We didn't sing 'Onward' in church, but I do remember singing it in school. How funny. We sang the Air Force one too, but I can't remember how it went now.

Eat To Live said...

Hahhahhaha... How Great Thou Art!! OMG Alissa, you are so funny. That must be where your boys get it.

Theresa Mahoney said...

I remember loving church songs when I was little. Now, I can't stand them. We went to my nephews baptism last year and I swear, we had to sing for 90% of it. I could not wait to leave! All I kept thinking was these songs suck! I was sure I was going to be struck down for those thoughts before the night was over lol.

Masshole Mommy said...

It;s funny how when we are kids, we don't understand what we're hearing. I think to myself sometimes when I am listening to music with my boys wondering what they're thinking.

~ Noelle said...

Hey, at least you were listening...
it is crazy how our minds take things and interpret them ... no matter what age :)

renae said...

Oh funny Alissa! About 20 yrs ago I was teaching a Sunday School class of about 10 yr olds and one girl asked me "What does the song 'How Great Thou Art' mean?" I told her it was fancy name for 'are'. All through the rest of the class she would say "How art you?" to the kids sitting next to her. She thought she was pretty cleaver, I guess. lol

Optimistic Existentialist said...

Even though I am not religious per se, I do love the beauty of some church songs.

Lisa @ Two Bears Farm said...

Always interesting how kids interpret a song. I remember all those hymns.


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