Friday, January 10, 2014

Random Tid Bits

  1. On the coldest day for years we had our car scheduled to get looked at. Isaak's car door wasn't locking. We were actually lucky we found this out. The car was beeping like it was locking, but he opened his door to get in like it was no big deal. All I could think of was a stranger entering our car, and hiding in the back seat. $300 later it locked. Daddy tested it out in the parking lot. The next time Isaak was back there he couldn't get out of his door. Daddy tried, and he couldn't get out either. Now we have to take it back in on Monday. Don't you just love that they don't apologize for not getting it fix right the first time? A simple, "I'm sorry for the inconvenience." Then they want a great review.

    In my field if I messed up a design job, I might loose a client. Then word would get out that I'm not reliable. Doctors and nurses could loose their licenses for messing up their jobs.

  2. We had a pot luck at work. I made lemonade tic tack toe cupcakes. I figured we needed a taste of summer time. They look more Valentines like.

    I also made a sweet potato dish. I mentioned to the guy behind me that they were sweet potatoes. He said, "Yuck!" Remember how I said last week that the boys have trouble with filtering out their opinions on food? I guess some adults do to.

  3. Omaha, Nebraska is getting national attention. It's not good attention. Some idiot filmed themselves cussing as bad as a rated R movie. A toddler in a diaper was there. The parent was encouraging their 2 year old to cuss and degrade woman! We're talking the f bomb, sexual discussion, gang discussion, and talks of violence. The cops didn't have enough to arrest them, but they checked out their home and found their home unfit to have the kids (4 of them) living there. They have been removed from their home.

    If that wasn't bad enough the Omaha Police Officers Association posted it online. They won't take it down. They said it's already viral, and it's up to show how violence starts. They did blur out the kid's face. No names are released. The question is, should they remove it? You can watch the video here. *Warning it's disturbing! I can't believe anyone would talk that way to the kid, or around their kid! I know it happens; it's so sad!

  4. Ever since Tuesday night this week the boys have been tired. Welcome back to school boys.

  5. The boys had fun with bead wax melt things that Great Aunt Becky got them. I don't have pictures of their finished ones. Mica made a tree, scrapped that and made a turtle. Isaak made a cool sky with a building. It kept them occupied, happy and not fighting for an hour (because they reworked them). They put small beads on plastic boards with tweezers, or small fingers, I laid iron sheets on top of the designs and iron it. The wax melts to hold the designs together. Have you tried this before?


Masshole Mommy said...

They do look like Valentine's cupcakes, but that's not a bad thing :)

Harry Flashman said...

That video is on fox news, so the genie is out of the bottle. I guess it won't hurt the average citizen to see how some of these kids are being raised.

Theresa Mahoney said...

I saw that video last night. I'm glad they removed the kid. The parents are morons and that kid is going to be a low life punk when he grows up if he continues to be exposed to that kind of behavior. A rapist, drug dealer, or robber in the making. Sadly, our system will allow the child to be placed back with a minor slap on the wrist to the parents. That boy has NO chance at growing to be a productive adult when that happens.

Optimistic Existentialist said...

I saw that on the news about the cusser. Wow. Crazy stuff.

mail4rosey said...

I like the cupcakes, they're pretty. :)

I haven't seen the video. Those kinds of things reach in to my guts though. I hate knowing there are parents who do such things. :(

Our car window quit rolling up, had to have it fixed and then the lock on the door wouldn't work and we had to take it back. They charged us. :/

Happy weekend to you. :)

~ Noelle said...

those bead things are neat..
so can they take them apart and do it again after you iron them?

Indah Nuria Savitri said...

love the cupcakes!...I haven't tried beads for my kids..Obi is just 3, still too dangerous for her..TFS et have a great day...


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