Monday, January 6, 2014

PBS Computer Games

Grandma and Grandpa Apel are getting rid of stuff. They bought a 1992 home on wheels and are moving to Southern California in the fall. We came home with an old laptop for the boys to type on, and play learning games online, an ironing board, which is better than the one I had, a blender, a small end table, some stuff Daddy picked out of their garage and he collected his old artwork that was hanging in their hallway.

Playing PBS games on Grandpa Apel's computer.

Isaak and Mica got a tour of their "new" 1992 home. Grandma Apel said to Mica, "What did you think? Was it as sparkly as you thought it would be?"

Mica said, "Well not really. It really looked out of date to me."

We all laughed. It's a good thing that they understand the kid's - no filter in their talk. If you ask them something, they'll give you the answer they are thinking.

Now if I could just get them to shut up about the foods that they don't prefer. Isaak in particular said, "This is gross! I don't want to eat this!" I had to shhhhh!!! him a few times. The odd thing about our kids is that they prefer salads and raw veggies over cooked ones. They look suspiciously at casseroles. They like fresh fruits. The canned pineapple didn't go over well. They aren't picky eaters to me. I'm used to what they eat though. I've heard that some kids won't eat a single veggie.


~ Noelle said...

broxton loves veggies too.. but he also will tell you when he thinks something is "disgusting" when he feels that way

Lisa @ Two Bears Farm said...

My kids are always suspicious about casseroles too, but I make them anyhow.

Theresa Mahoney said...

My kids are all about veggies and fruits and they don't care if it comes out of a can. How fun to have all that cool stuff to come home with!

mail4rosey said...

The move sounds fun! And you're right about filters and kids. ;)

I prefer raw over cooked veggies any day!

Self Sagacity said...

What an adorable photo of the "boys" Such a great moment captured.

joe said...

very nice family


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