Monday, January 6, 2014

The Amish Community

One of my favorite things I did with Grandma and Grandpa Apel was when we visited the Amish community.

I explained that we just need to get out of the house once during the day. It's not to get away from them. They have two cats. I'm really allergic. The boys need time to run, or just get away. In school they have recess. They live in a small town, so there's not a lot to do.

The first day we went to the exciting Walmart. The second day we planned on going to the Y. I had forgotten that I've always wanted to go to an Amish Community that was near by. I remember Grandma Apel talking about going there before.

So we went. Out of respect for them I did not take pictures, but I so wanted to.

I prepped our boys for the adventure we were about to take.

On our way we saw one man riding a buggy. Isaak kept insisting he was on the Little House on the Prairie, and it was Doc Baker riding that buggy.

We saw live stalk everywhere. I said the cows looked fluffy, and healthy. They probably aren't pumped full of antibiotics and growth hormones.

We passed this same school.

We also passed many of these structures that held dried corn.

Mica kept pretending that we were going back in time. Like we were in Back to the Future.

One store had a hand written sign outside that, "Please dress modestly."

We wanted to go in a cheese store, but it was closed. Into the general store we went.

I bought all this stuff:


Sol said...

yum liquorice allsorts and Japanese crackers.

is the one bottom row 2nd from left (what we call Japanese crackers), toasted corn or dried chick peas?

Masshole Mommy said...

I visited Amish Country in PA many years ago. It's totally mind blowing to see them actually live like that isn't it?

Lisa @ Two Bears Farm said...

How fun. I visited some markets in Lancaster PA once. It was really neat.

mail4rosey said...

There are a lot of Amish people in Ohio where my mom lives, I always enjoy seeing the buggies go by.

~ Noelle said...

i have a slight love/obsession with the amish community ...

Theresa Mahoney said...

We have an Amish community pretty close to us, but I hate going there. The sides of the road are littered with horse poop. It should be a law that they have to clean up after their horse. They like to breed puppies, too. Almost every house in Amish country has puppies for sale, so they definitely contribute to the dog overpopulation here. My friends mom broke down at a gas station owned by an Amish person and asked to use the phone to call for help. They wanted to charge her several dollars to use it. I'm sure most of them are nice, but I just prefer to stay out of Amish country here.

Terra Heck said...

The Amish community has always fascinated me. My sister lives real close to several Amish. In fact, my sister is the minority. She's friends with several of them.


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