Friday, February 14, 2014

Happy Valentines Day!

The boys celebrated Valentines Day yesterday at school. Isaak was a little sad I couldn't go. I've made it to the Gingerbread House making event, their holiday concert, the Fall Festival, their Open House, Game Night, Doughnut's for Mom, and more. I told him, "Honey I'm sorry, but I just can't make it for everything. Isaak is much more sensitive than Mica about me being there. I wish I could be.

The boys wore their Valentine robot shirts yesterday.  Isaak's shirt says, "My Heart Beats..." then there's a window that opens and says, "For You!" Mica's shirt says, "Mr. Irresistible". I think their shirts are great! Mica even stands just like that robot.

I got that good photo. I was wanting more. Then I got this:

Bad photos crack me up sometimes.

Isaak was mad because Mica grabbed his neck a little too hard. Brothers! When Isaak is mad, he shows it! It takes him awhile to forgive.

I just got everyone in my family a small box of chocolates. We went out to dinner earlier this week. Do you have any plans?

Happy Valentines Day!!!


mail4rosey said...

I like both pictures too!

We got the kids small boxes of chocolate hearts, and I went to the elementary school party yesterday (we had ours too). :)

My daughter decided she is too old for Valentine's Day (what???) until the chocolate hearts came out. ;)

Optimistic Existentialist said...

Happy Valentine's Day to your and your family!!

Masshole Mommy said...

I could seriously substitute my two for your two. That face is priceless.

Maryann D. said...

I love, love these pictures!! So cute. They will laugh when they get older and see these again!
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Theresa Mahoney said...

I just love that photo! Cracks me up! We didn't do anything. Spent the whole day at the dentist. Girls both had cleanings, and Mariah finally got her braces off. I guess it was a good valentine's day for her.

~ Noelle said...

those pictures are too cute - and you know i love the shirts... i wish i could make a couple different shirts for broxton...

Terra Heck said...

Cute shirts. That second picture totally cracked me up!


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