Sunday, July 6, 2014

Garden of the Gods

Our main destination for day 2 of our trip was Garden of the Gods. It's located in Colorado Springs. What's great is that the park beautiful, and if you are on a budget it's free.

The boys really loved Garden of the Gods! They love climbing around on rocks. Some of the other parks we went to, there was no touching. This one you could touch, climb, and we had a blast.

I just love all the layers int this photo!

Mica and Daddy checking out the map. They are the best at navigating. We ended up just walking and climbing all over the place. Everything was pretty.

It started out green and got more and more rocky.

The rocks got so steep that they couldn't be climbed by us.
Other people were climbing those talk rocks. Mica wanted to join them.
 There were other other rocks that just jetted up. They looked like rockets about to take off.

Then there were rocks that people could hide in.

Have you been to the Garden of the Gods?


Masshole Mommy said...

Absolutely gorgeous. You just don't see things like that here on the east coast.

Unknown said...

Wow definitely amazing !

Harry Flashman said...

No, I haven't been there. Wish I had. But I went to the petrified forest though.

Lisa @ Two Bears Farm said...

That scenery! It is just stunning.

~ Noelle said...

marc would have a blast... me, not so much...i am not a fan of the outdoors... but i would love to take pictures...
now, the question.. did travis get any pictures of you???

Theresa Mahoney said...

It looks so pretty there! We had people visiting our area from out west. They said they were shocked when they stepped off the plane because everything here in Indiana is so flat. We just don't have those beautiful views here. I'd love to take my girls there for a visit some day!

And your family photos are great! It was a wonderful area for you to capture such lovely shots!

~ Noelle said...

LOVE the photo of you :)
Glad you added it ;)

Eat To Live said...

Look at you lying on those rocks soaking up the sun.


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