Friday, August 22, 2014

The Highs and Lows of School for Isaak

My boys started school on the 11th of August. Everything seemed to be going well.

Isaak likes his teacher. Both teachers in Isaak's grade are good it seems. No complaints as far as the teachers go. I've heard Isaak's teacher keeps things in line. I think Isaak needs that.

Isaak doesn't start homework for a month; if it's the same as when Mica was in first grade.

Isaak has gotten good reports from his teacher. He brought a paper apple home that said, "Isaak had a great day today." I guess not all kids got an apple. Isaak was pretty proud of having an apple that day.

Isaak so far has only 2 issues since he started school.

1. He has trouble finishing his lunch. He's taken a cold lunch twice, and hasn't drank any of his milk. The food he can eat as an after school snack, but the milk goes sour. I don't even know what his hot lunches look like. I could be spending money on lunches that he 1/2 eats. I hate when food gets wasted. He goes all school day drinking nothing.

 2. He has developed an attitude that he didn't have before school started. This has happened in the past with Mica. It seems like friends that they are around influence them both positively, and negatively. No I'm not saying my child is perfect, and that it's all the friend's fault for him acting out. I just noticed this behavior started happening right after he started back up at school.

Me: Isaak you need to drink throughout the day. If you don't drink, I'm giving you water. I'm not wasting money on milk; only to have it go sour. Your food you can finish as an after school snack. You won't get anything special in your lunches if you can't finish them.

Isaak: Mom drop it.

Me: Don't talk to me that way Mr.

A little more sass comes from his 6 year old mouth.

Me: That's it, you're going to bed at 7 tonight. I'm not putting up with you talking to me that way.

Off to the store we went. He saw Halloween candy was out, and wanted it. Now if you lived in our house you'd know that we just don't buy candy for our kids.  They get enough when the special holidays arrive.

Isaak: Get me some of this. (Holding up Candy Corn.)

Me: Not when you can't even finish your lunches at school.

Isaak: Mom you were supposed to drop that. Plus I've been good at school. I even got an apple yesterday.

I suppose I should give him points he's getting smart in his manipulation. I of course didn't show him that I thought he was smart, nor did I give in.

When we got home I told Isaak to brush his teeth, get his pjs on, and go to bed.

Isaak: But it's not even dark yet, and Mica's up.

Me: It's time to go to bed for you.

In the morning his throat hurt. Allergy season is among us in Nebraska. 

Me: Drink these things. Your throat wouldn't get this bad if you'd drink something throughout the day.

He drank water, juice, and a kid's Emergen-C drink. He probably had to pee 5 times that morning.


Theresa Mahoney said...

We pack water for the girls too, but it's at their request. They don't like drinking much else.

Allison has an attitude since going back to school. Her friend wasn't going skating tonight (one that usually takes he) so I said she couldn't go because I didn't feel comfortable with her being alone there without someone she knows. She argued that another girl from her school was going to be there, she already told the girl she was going, now she is going to get called a liar by the other girl. Which means she will get bullied at school. All because I didn't let her go skating. What A DRAMA Queen! lol

Masshole Mommy said...

Haha - they never listen, do they? My kids would be the same way!

~ Noelle said...

We are the same here...
The no drinking part...
I send broxton lunch... he was getting a juice each day, but was having issues... so, we went to water... now, he brings home the water almost as full as when he left... I told him he needs to stay hydrated, especially since it is so hot here...
and he always bring most of his lunch home. i told him i wasn't buying him food if he could not eat what i sent in on other days... i am not going to waste money...
Hope the attitude ends soon... broxton has had issues for talking too much basically every single day.

mail4rosey said...

My son hid his milk in his bookbag his first year of school because he didn't want to drink it. Thank goodness he didn't open it, but still... ick.

We quit getting milk and sent a water bottle with him each day.

Eat To Live said...

I have a problem with wasting food too. When my Daughter was young, she hated eating the food they served at school


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