Friday, August 22, 2014

The Highs and Lows of School for Mica

My boys started school on the 11th of August. Everything seemed to be going well.

Both boys like their teachers. I'm really glad Mica got the teacher he did.

The only things that have changed in the school is that they got new carpet, an upgrade of a library because a grant came through, and they have a new Librarian. Mica says, "The Librarian is nice, but she most certainly likes us to all stay quiet." Libraries should be quiet, so people can read, and pick out which books they want. Mica's also up a grade, the Librarian may expect more out of the older kids.

The first week there was only homework for the parents. You know the usual: Paperwork, and the writing 1 Million or Less Words About Your Child from Mica's teacher. I actually enjoyed writing about Mica. I feel better knowing that the teacher knows my kid. I just wish I would have put in there that Mica's better with reading than math.

This week Mica got homework. All week Mica got it done fast. It's supposed to take him 30 minutes. I knew he'd get it done quickly. He's much smarter than I was at his age. Then last night happened. Mica got introduced to rounding up, and down to the closest number by 100s. He can count by 100s to a 1,000, but for some reason the concept of rounding numbers up and down was foreign to him. Daddy worked with him for nearly 2 1/2 hours.

I could tell Daddy was getting frustrated.

I was out with Isaak the whole time. Isaak was supposed to have Jiu-Jitsu, but it got canceled due to them refinishing the floors. Daddy kindly asked me to go run errands with Isaak, so Mica wouldn't get distracted.

I didn't tell this to Daddy just yet, but how Mica was with math the other night, I was like every single night when I was a kid. I simply didn't get very much of anything. I'm not saying I am stupid, but my brain thinks differently. I make things harder than they appear. I test horribly. I did so low in my standardized tests they wanted to put me in the dummy English classes. I taught a Russian girl how to write in that class. I didn't belong in there, I knew it, and my teacher knew it. My teacher bumped me up, and in the regular English class I still got an A+. Don't talk about ACT scores with me. You may just piss me off. I had to beg my councilor to take them un-timed to see if I could do better. That councilor used my scores as an example as to how time matters for 5, or more years. How do I know? My sister is 5 years younger than me - she told me. Anyhow I got my BFA, then my Masters, so I'm not stupid. I just think differently.

The next day for homework Mica did perfectly on rounding up and down. I think he just didn't get it, and now he does.

On the flip side he's gotten good reports from his teacher. He doesn't even bring his library books home to read because he gets them read in school.

I'm pretty sure Mica will get better with math. Some concepts in school take awhile to get.


Theresa Mahoney said...

Thankfully, no homework here yet. However, we are getting slapped with lots of bills already. School fees and instrument rentals and such.

Good luck on the math this year!

~ Noelle said...

week 2 brought homework here --- (Kindergarten)
it was simple things, writing names, counting, writing numbers... and of course us reading each night...
i am happy they don't do weekend homework yet...

mail4rosey said...

No school here yet, you're making me sense how close it is though (boohooohooo!). I don't want the kids to go back yet!!

It's nice your husband helped with the numbers. Even if it was frustrating, I'm sure it helped.

Eat To Live said...

I am horrible when it comes to math... I hate numbers. Lucky for me m Hubs is so good at it.


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