Sunday, March 1, 2015

1st Grade Conferences for Isaak

We had conferences last week for both kids. Remember that Yin | Yang thing I posted about last week? The conferences we went to made us feel proud of our son's. Another positive added to our lives. I don't want you | my readers thinking that I'm entirely negative all the time. It's just that a negative wind hit us.

We started with Isaak. Isaak's groups started something new in Kindergarten. His class does self guided conferences. Isaak's teacher had booths set up for the kids to show us what they do in the classroom. There were a few word game booths, a money booth, and more.

Isaak loves to count money.

His teacher talked with us, while Isaak showed us around.
When he went to show us the reading games he mastered most of the words. I mentioned how Isaak says he hates reading. She said, "He said that to me to. He reads at the end of 1st grade for his reading level. I think he's just not there with his attention span to read big books just yet. He's doing fine with reading though."

I know some kids get into different things at different times. A month from now he may be into reading, and math will take a backseat for awhile.
Isaak is above in math. He knows how to do multiplication, and he's only in 1st grade.

Behavior wise he's only gotten 2 yellow dots all year. Green is good, yellow is distracted, and red is where kids couldn't focus at all. Isaak got bothered when he got the yellow dots. 

The things Isaak needs to work on is doing things he doesn't want to do, and not being so moody. When Isaak's bothered buy say the yellow dot he got, or how someone else was naughty in school it's like it's the end of the world.

Isaak is a smarty pants. He's in the gifted class at school.
In the hallway every kid had a Martin Luther King Jr. 

Isaak's said,

Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.'s dream was...get along. Everyone to be in the same places.

My dream is to get alaing (along) because we nede (need) to de (be) nise (nice).

He had a monster up in the classroom to.

I'll try and figure out what this one says, 

My monster's name is Scary it is a mean monster. It eats a bee. It likes water. It lives in a bat cave. It scares bears away for me. Because bears pick on my trees. It is strong. It also stomps on snakes so hard that the snakes goes away. It has paws to scratch things. It has very big muscles. It is green. It is ten years old.

Isaak wrote this towards the beginning of the year. 

I'm glad he's doing well in school!


Masshole Mommy said...

I am so happy to hear that he is doing so well in school this year.

Unknown said...

Well he may not be up to the big books yet, but at least he's got the important part figured out - counting money!

Indah Nuria Savitri said...

the best thing is he enjoys the to see all those projects :)

Theresa Mahoney said...

I always enjoy looking at the elementary school projects. He did a fabulous job on his. Glad he is enjoying school, even if reading isn't his cup of tea yet!

Lisa @ Two Bears Farm said...

He is doing so great!

~ Noelle said...

Glad he is doing so good! I love hearing that he is doing great!


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