Monday, March 2, 2015

3rd Grade Conferences for Mica

Before we stopped in to speak with Mica's teacher we visited a teacher that specially works with our kids. She holds special classes for gifted children. She said, "Your kids are so smart. I'd like to test their minds." That's kind of cool, yet kind of creepy to. She wants to test their IQ's after they take their state tests. Boy am I glad my kids do not have my learning problems that I had when I was growing up! She also said, "I hope you don't have your kids switch schools. They are such a joy to work with!"

On we went to talk to Mica's teacher, while the boys watch The Wizard of Oz on a portable DVD player.

Mica's conferences work much different than Isaak's. Isaak's are self guided, while Mica's are one on one with the teacher and the parent(s). I have to say that we prefer talking about our kids behind their backs, instead of in front of them. Not really. It's just what we're used to. I feel like we can get down to business that way.

Mica's teachers for the past 3 years were afraid that he might have problems being bored in the classroom. His teacher tested his knowledge at the beginning of this school year, and now. He's shown a lot of growth. That makes me confident that Mica is where he's supposed to be in school. He started school when he just turned 6, so he's a little older than many of his classmates. 

Mica's gifted in writing, reading, and smart in math, but has to work more with math. They are not diving into science as much as the teacher would like at his age. I don't remember doing a whole lot of science at his age. I remember getting into it more when I was in 4th grade.

Mr. Snowman was hanging on the wall. 

One wintry day I made a snowman. The next day I saw him he was not the same. I sort of think it went like this...The snowmen and snowgirls gathered wood from their woodpiles and built a grand ballroom. Next the snowmen dance with mates, drink champagne, and eat from plates. Then once midnight strikes, a party's begun. They show off moves and have some fun! 

I have no idea how he knows about champagne we hardly drink alcohol. He know about getting drunk from watching Little House on the Prairie
In the hallway there was a book of stories that upper elementary students put together. They had to write a letter to a parent, and try and convince them to let them get a pet of any kind.
Dear Mom,
If you could get me any animal it would be a speedy peregrine falcon. I would clean its cage, feed it meat, and it's name is Tron. I sure would love to switch DNAs. Please can I have a peregrine falcon?

Yours Truly,


I thought it was pretty cute!


Masshole Mommy said...

Happy to hear he is having a good year. At our parent/teacher conferences, the YMCA provides child care, so it's nice.

Sidenote, I HATE The Wizard of Oz. I will not allow my kids to watch it.

An Apel a Day said...

Robin I know you hate that movie. We like it. It is a little creepy at parts: The Munchkin Land and Flying Monkeys oh my!

Veronica Lee said...

Your boys are so smart!

Sorry to hear about the string of bad luck you are having. I wish for you, a better year ahead.

Eat To Live said...

Mica's stories are always so cute. I really think he should be writing childrens books.

Theresa Mahoney said...

I always love Mica's stories. He definitely has a gift for story telling!

I agree with Robin on most things, but think her hatred of Wizard of Oz is blasphemy! ;)

Harry Flashman said...

We home schooled ours for the most part, getting their curriculum from Texas Tech. So we didn't go through the parent conference routine much from the parents side. I did a lot of them from the teacher side, though.

mail4rosey said...

Of ALL the places to learn about getting drunk, lolol!! There's irony in that.. :)

We skipped conferences this go around, the teachers said the kids are good to go and we could opt out. We have no issues right now so we did (glad too, the snow and ice has been crazy here).

Glad your boys are designated smarties. :)

~ Noelle said...

So glad that they are gifted... Broxton is on track, but not ahead at all. He sees school as more of a social time (we are working on that!)
Love the snowman story!


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