Friday, March 20, 2015

Random Tid Bits

  1. Mica said to me the other night, "Mom do you know what it means when someone puts their middle finger up?" Isaak said, "It means the F word!" He put his hand over his mouth like he was surprised he said it. I said, "Yes is does mean that, but we don't need to do it, or say it. Ok?" They both shook their heads up and down. Travis came in from outside. I told him what the boys learned at school. Dad said, "Boys that's so 90's. Don't do that."

    Isaak learned about flipping the bird from a naughty boy in class.

    Then I learned that Mica's friend that went with us to the Lowes Clinic told Mica that Isaak put his middle finger up at the event. Isaak's like, "No I didn't. Why would I?" I for one believe him. His friend kind of takes an ant hill, and makes it into a mountain. My kids are good at somethings, but are not very good at lying. I see no reason for Isaak to lie in regards to that. I do find it crazy that Mica's friend who is super religious, knows what flipping someone off meant, when Mica didn't know at all.

  2. We went to Dairy Queen for a free cone.

    Big mistake. For one the line was crazy to get in there. I had already told the boys we were getting a cone. I had to stick out the line. Mom Fail!

    For two there were people making out in the car behind us. The boys kept pointing at them laughing. The girl making out with the guy didn't seem to mind that the boys were watching them. I just wanted to put a big curtain up on our back windshield. I would have never made out with a guy with 2 kids watching me. Dad kept said, "Boys don't look back there!" That just made them want to look all the more. It appears that sex ed may happen before I'm ready for it to happen.

  3. Travis nearly started a fire this week.

    He was trying to build up a fire in his oven outside to cast a sculpture. Dad realized it was just so windy and dry, so he decided to stop. That night on the news they said, Do not mess with fires outside. It's so dry and windy. Any little fire turns into a big one.
    It's not the first time. He tried to burn out wax in our oven once. A fire did occur, but he got it out. Shaking my head!

  4. This week we had record highs for temps. All the sudden there was a cool down. My allergies flared up so bad. Sneezing, migraine, itchy eyes, and snot was pouring from my nose. Sorry for the details, but it's true.

    It's odd how weather can play an effect on allergies, joint pain, and so on.

  5. I guess Mica's story writing award was announced in the school's newsletter, or over the intercom.

    Kids were asking for his autograph for being published in a book (along with the other winners). Trust me it was nothing fancy. Just a photocopy of the stories, bound by a copy place. A fourth grade teacher stopped Mica in the hall to congratulate him. Then she danced a dance, and sang, "Maybe you'll be in my class next year." This sudden fame is funny.


Masshole Mommy said...

It's crazy what they pick up from school sometimes isn't it?

Theresa Mahoney said...

The weather has made my arthritis flare something bad! I can't wait for it to get warm and stay that way!

The neighbor texted me to say Allison said the F word in front of her 4 year old son. It turned out it was another boy that they were playing with that said it, but the 4 year old insisted Allison was the one. She tells on EVERYONE that says a bad word and even brings me her iPad to tell me when her friends cuss. I'm not a "not my kid" parent, but here, I believe my daughter over some punk 4 year old.

Indah Nuria Savitri said...

that's what I'm worried about at do pick things up..but Bo et Obi always share their stories with us and we'll tell them what's good and what's bad. I hope you feel is still cold here in NYC..

~ Noelle said...

I know what you mean about them picking things up...
Broxton now talks with saying "CRAY CRAY" and "YO" and it drives me bonkers.

Eat To Live said...

I think all kids try the flipping off things at least once. We were driving by some really young Amish kids and the boys all flipped us off. LOL


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