Thursday, March 19, 2015

Top Secret and Training

Travis (Dad) has 2 weeks of training. This week was all medical stuff. I'm pretty sure next week is mostly medical stuff to. He didn't know he'd have to do all this training. He's both overwhelmed, and finds it interesting. 

It's kind of like when the boys came out of the hospital when they were babies, and we had to give them IV antibiotics. Then it seemed like there were so many steps, we didn't want to kill our babies due to one wrong move, and we were lacking on sleep. Not a good combination. Once the nurse told me to enter the antibiotics slowly, and I did it fast. OMG I thought Mica was going to be a goner. Then he got hives all over from the penicillin he was on. Of course that kind of stuff has to happen in the middle of the night.

Back on topic: He's learned CPR, the proper way to insert eye drops, how he needs to wash his hands all the time, and way more that I just don't know about.

It's far from teaching art so far, but we'll see once he gets done with this training. Maybe it will be the best thing ever. He has a test today. If he gets lower than an 85% he has to train one additional week. The same with next week. The pressure is on!

There's 5 people training with him. One will be doing what he's doing, and didn't know the extent to the medical training either.

It seems kind of odd that he's training so much. I only got shown around my work, and got a nod to go do it. We do have an inservice twice a year, but that's it. 

He can't tell the patients his full name, where he lives, or that he has kids. I should have thought about the no telling of the kid's names before I started blogging, but now their names are all over this blog. Mommy fail. I didn't think anyone would read this blog to be honest. I just thought it would be a place to store my mom thoughts. 

I know I'm not alone in revealing my kid's names. It would be awkward calling them their nicknames all the time: Isaak: Zeek and Mica: Moose. Do you think I should start, or is is too late to do that?

Dad can't tell people where he works, just what he does. It's like a top secret job. He says he can't even tell me anything. I said, "Come on my mom was a nurse, and she told us secret things." Knowing him he'll abide by that rule.

He took his lunch 2 days - the other days he ate before he left. That was odd because there is no room in the fridge for his food. They have a fridge, but it's full of medical supplies. He's taking an iced bag. Thank goodness they make those things now a days. 

What's one thing that was odd about a job where you have worked at in the past?


The Cranky said...

Oh my, sounds like his job is going to be a real adventure!

Oddest thing to happen on a job? Being investigated by the FBI so I could get security clearance for some of the places where I was monitoring asbestos abatement; and having to buy another (expensive!) microscope after they broke mine while inspecting it. Pretty weird to have friends and family call me up and say "Yeah, just talked to the FBI about you..."

Theresa Mahoney said...

I have often thought about why did I mention the girl's names on my blog, but for me, it's probably too late to change that now. Like you, I never thought anyone would read it, but then again, I do find I can't keep it straight when people use nicknames for their family members. It's just not very personable.

~ Noelle said...

wow. that sounds interesting.
I would not worry about changing their names now... it is what it is. I thought about just going with B but then I love his name and wanted it to be about us, so that is what it is.


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