Monday, April 27, 2015

Boy Craft: Loads of This to Make FOR and WITH Boys (and Girls) Book Review

As soon as I saw the book Boy Craft: Loads of This to Make FOR and WITH Boys (and Girls) By Sara Duchars & Sarah Marks I knew I wanted the book for Isaak. He loves crafts, but many craft kits, and books out there are for girls. This one is geared towards boys. If a girl wants to join in they can.

You can get this 128 page book on Amazon for $14.07 for a Kindle to $14.81 for a Paperback Book. It is on Prime, so if you have Prime there's no shipping cost. It's full of photographs, illustrations, instructions, and templates.

Like I said Isaak loves crafts. We got a few other books to review at the same time, and Isaak loved those to. It was hard for him to pick out exactly what he wanted to do out of this book for some reason. We finally settled on making a necklace. 

We collected things to make a necklace:
  • A cap of some kind. We finished a BBQ sauce, and saved the lid. 
  • Spray paint, or craft model enamel paint. With my help we spray painted it red.
    Then we painted the edge with gold - that's Isaak favorite color. Isaak wanted the center painted white.
  • Optional small junk to put on necklace. Isaak loves to collect washers, and nuts laying on the ground in parking lots. We added a washer to the lid with super glue
  • Ribbon, or elastic string to attach to the lid. We used hot glue to attach it.
He was happy with his necklace.

I think it's actually pretty cool looking.

Making junk necklaces would be perfect for a birthday party. Everyone could keep what they make, and you pay very little on supplies.

Boys and girls love making stuff!
  • They like making model boats, paper airplanes, bows and arrows and catapults.
  • They also like knitting; scarves, hats, spiders and monsters. Boys like sewing and cutting and gluing and sawing and hammering. 
  • Boy Craft is packed full of projects to make for and with boys, illustrated with a mix of photographs and graphic-style illustrations.
There is all kinds of projects in this book! From making models, to sewing monsters, to pouring plaster, weaving, paper mache, and more!

Isaak and I decided to start with one of the more simple crafts in the book. I figure we can work our way up to more challenging crafts. What's great about this book is that it's for all ages. While I don't think we're ready for some of the projects, we'll get there.

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Masshole Mommy said...

That sounds like a cool book. I think his necklace came out awesome.

Theresa Mahoney said...

I love crafts that are showcased like this for boys. I have a nephew who loves to craft. He's even learning to crochet!

~ Noelle said...

So fun!!!! I bet you guys will have a great time with this book!

Bobi Jensen said...

That is a cool necklace! Thanks for sharing. I'm always looking for boy crafts too.

Eat To Live said...

I can see your boys enjoying this book. I can see my grandson liking it also.


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