Monday, April 27, 2015

Was it an Asthma Attack? Nope it Was Croup!

I thought Isaak had allergy issues all of last week: Stuffy nose, sore throat, warm, but no fever. His throat looked fine. He was extra emotional, but I've always said that Isaak's the girl I never had (emotional wise). I don't say that to his face.

Then on Saturday I heard a loud bang at 2 in the morning. Travis and I both rushed into his room. He was crying hysterically. I thought he fell out of bed. I don't know what happened exactly. I just know he was screaming saying, "I can't breathe! I don't want to die. Please don't let me die!" He was wheezing. 

I thought he was having an asthma attack. I've had them. Sometimes if allergies get really bad, an asthma attack can occur. 

I was trying to stay calm. I grabbed Isaak, told Travis to get the Vics Baby rub to rub on his chest, and a drink of water. I know Vics does nothing. I was just trying to calm him down. Then I told Travis to get my phone, so I could call the oncall nurse. Travis at this point was about to come unglued on me. He said, "I know I'm quitting my job, but we NEED to get him to the emergency room NOW! It's not time to be cheap Alissa!"

I said, "I know Travis, but we need to ask the nurse, and we need to calm Isaak down. Calming him down will help him to breathe."

The nurse asked me some questions and said, "Take him to the ER."

So we threw some clothes and slippers on Isaak, to go to the ER.

Travis nearly went threw red lights, and sped the whole way there. Isaak by that time calmed down.

The doctors, nurses and receptionist were great. They really knew what they were doing. I didn't have to deal with insurance - Dad did that. Isaak and I went to get him treated. They said, "Hear that cough? It's a seal's cough. He has Croup."

I said, "He was freaking out because he couldn't breathe." They said, "Yep they all do."

They handed Isaak an ipad with Fruit Ninja on it.

Then they gave him a Steriod drug to open him up.

Besides his seal cough, here's the difference between an Asthma Attack and Croup: Asthma is tightening in the chest and Croup is tightening in the throat. They both need a Steriod treatment if they get bad.

I know what Croup is. Mica had it as an older baby. I just thought only babies and toddlers got it. It's a parainfluenza virus. It's most common in babies and toddlers, but any child can get it. 

Since then I got this sickness. Adults can get it to. They just don't get the breathing problems that go with it. Now Mica has it. He's just sneezing, and coughing. 

What to do with Croup:
  • We did do the right thing to go to the emergency room. Steriods will help open the airway. They even said we could come back if needed.
  • Steam helps. We've had some baths and our Crane frog humidifier with peppermint oil has been getting a workout.
  • Drink a lot of water. My kids swear I'm trying to drown them. You know they aren't getting enough water if their lips are dry, or their pee is yellow.
  • I had to point this next one out to Dad: Keep them calm! If a child, or an adult gets panicked during an Asthma or Croup attack that can close up their airway even more. 
Croup gets worse at night. 

Isaak feel Croupy!
 Yes I know Mr. Sicky needs a hair cut.

I'm not looking forward to the bill we'll get, but we did what we had to do. The hospital was wonderful!


Masshole Mommy said...

The poor thing! That was smart of them to set him up with Fruit Ninja! My boys could play that for hours.

Lisa @ Two Bears Farm said...

Always terrifying when their breathing is compromised. Glad he is doing better.

LOL on the girl you never had. I have one of those too ;-)

Theresa Mahoney said...

Poor baby! Being sick is no fun, and it sucks now that Mica is getting it! Sorry to hear you got it too!

mail4rosey said...

Aww little guy. I hate when the kids get upset being sick. Breaks me. Good thing we have that tough mom exterior and they only see calm. ;) Hope he's feeling better soon!

Cascia Talbert said...

Croup is scary! Glad to hear you caught it right away and he got treatment. I hope he feels better soon.

~ Noelle said...

Glad they knew what they were doing.. I am sure it made all of you feel better...
Hope you are all back to normal soon.

Ai Sakura said...

Sorry to hear this happened but really glad you managed to get him there in time. You're so calm in times like these. I would have panicked badly for sure!

Jamie | Jamie's Recipe said...

Croup and asthma are both scary we have recently dealt with both in our house. What is it about night time that aggravates the lungs? Hope everyone is back to 100% soon!

Eat To Live said...

My daughter used to get croup when she was young. It was really scary to deal with. They say you can take an umbrella into the bathroom steam up the bathtub put a number umbrella over you and your kids and supposedly it will take croup away


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