Friday, April 3, 2015

Johnny Appleseed

Isaak read to me last night. He is getting better about reading. Maybe reading just wasn't in the cards at age 6. He was much more into math.

He picked out a book about Johnny Appleseed. I can't find the exact book anywhere online, so I'm going with this one:

He kept calling him Joanie. I kept correcting him. Finally I told him, "Isaak Joanie is a girl's name, and Johnny is a boy's name." Then he called him the wrong name just to mess with me. 

As I said that I thought in my head, Names are not really like that anymore. Girls can be named boy's names and it's socially acceptable. Oh well.

We got to a page where Johnny visited a Native American territory to give them apple seeds, and seedlings to plant. Isaak said, "Mom I didn't realize Joanie traveled all the way to India!" *Face palm!

I said, "Johnny didn't travel to India. He's in the US."

Sorry...crappy picture from our book. It was night time.

Isaak looked confused and said, "Oh." I know he's heard of Native American's called Indians from Little House on the Prairie. That must be where the confusion is coming from.

As a kid they always were Indians. We sat Indian style. Now it's Native Americans and criss cross applesauce.

I had a slight chuckle over it. Kids just kind of say what's on their little minds.


The Cranky said...

Isn't that part of their charm? When we don't want to throttle them, that is. ;-)

Theresa Mahoney said...

Allison is forever saying what's in her mind. And she writes some of it down too. It's annoying and endearing all at the same time.

Masshole Mommy said...

I live in major Indian territory (the Wompanoags) and they refer to themselves as Indians, so most people around here still call them Indians, not native Americans.

Eat To Live said...

Yes!! I am indian... but not the India Indian. I am a cowboy and indians Indian.


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