Thursday, April 2, 2015

Kid's Club

I knew that going to Kids Club (Childcare at School) would be a transition for the kids. Mica in particular likes his alone time. We are lucky that they've always been early birds for the most part.

We've been giving the boys a mini breakfast in the morning. That way we still get that bonding over talking and eating breakfast. We also know that they are getting the nutrients that they need for the day. We give them steamed greens, a tiny bit of fruit, 1/2 a carb, and 1/2 a protein. It ends up being 1/2 of what we used to give them. At Kid's Club in the mornings they serve them a free breakfast.

Isaak was mad when I picked them up the other day. He wanted to stay and play. He's really enjoying extra playtime on the playground.

This morning he was mad because I didn't just let him go right on in to school. I wanted a picture to put on this post. 

Isaak went in, grabbed a basket ball and said, "Mom have a good day. I'm going to play this now." Then a little girl came up to Isaak and said, "Hi Isaak can I play with you? How are you doing today?" He was so happy.

It seems they transitioned well into more child care. They are still very well behaved.


Indah Nuria Savitri said...

Well..big boys you have, Alisa :)..

Theresa Mahoney said...

It's funny what they get mad about. Allison came in screaming at me yesterday because she saw a dog limping down the road on her way home. She demanded that I go find it. No. I'm sick. I'm not jeopardizing us or other drivers by getting behind the wheel of a car. She was so pissed, she didn't talk to me for the rest of the night lol.

Masshole Mommy said...

I am laughing so hard right now because (as you already know) my little one acts the same way when he doesn't get his way. LOL.

~ Noelle said...

Broxton wants to stay after school every day... lol, I told him as long as I am staying home, we are not paying for childcare when I am home... he doesn't get it, but I understand he just wants to play...
glad they are enjoying it.


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