Friday, September 25, 2015

Ditzy Ditzy

This week I've been a ditz.

I left almond milk and eggs in the car for 2 days. It would be ok if it were a day. Eggs and almond milk can stay out for awhile, but not in the hot car for 2 days.

I thought I lost my cell phone again. I keep wearing skirts, which have no pockets. Even when I wear pants the pockets are too shallow for my cell phone. I stopped by McDonalds to see if I left it there. I met a person there to exchange money for her cat painting. I was about to tear my office apart to see if it was there, but decided to look in the trunk of my car. There it was in my car the whole time. Now I have that app that helps find your phone.

I cut up hot peppers thinking, I can handle this. I didn't know if I had gloves, and didn't want to look all over for them. My hands felt fine when I was cutting them up. As the night wore on my hands got hotter and hotter. I washed them, and washed them. I read that you can mix up baking soda and water to a thick paste, and apply it to your skin to relieve the burn. I was ready to go to bed, so I just let it be. There's been a few times were I didn't think, and rubbed my eyes. At least that woke me up.

I went to eat my lunch the other day, and this is what was in it...

It was our whole families left over broccoli. Thankfully I took 2 lunches to work, and did actually have something to eat besides broccoli.

I tried using the remote for the DVD player on the projector. I was wondering why it wouldn't work. It finally dawned on me that I was pointing it in the wrong spot. Then a few students chuckled. I laughed to.

I'm blaming my lack of clarity on the weather. Everyone else has been off this week as well. 


mail4rosey said...

That's funny about the remote. I've looked for my glasses that were on top of my head before. ;)

Harry Flashman said...

Sounds like you are dealing with stress. Those things are all preoccupation related. I hope you can relax a bit and unwind. At least the weekend is here. I remember how relieved I used to be to get away from the office on Friday afternoon.

Theresa Mahoney said...

Me too! This week I have been doing things like this also and it's driving me insane!

~ Noelle said...

YOU hAD A Rough week.

Masshole Mommy said...

Mercury is in retrograde, so that is probably what it is. I want to say I don't believe in that kind of thing, but it's funny how whenever it occurs, things go out of whack with me.

Eat To Live said...

I have rubbed my eyes before after cutting up the hot peppers. Ouch !


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