Saturday, October 14, 2017


HICKIES are no tie elastic shoelaces. They are great for running, hiking, or sports because you won't have to stop what you're doing to tie your shoes.

Kids are Hard on Shoelaces:

Isaak in particular is horrible on the knees of his pants, and shoelaces. He's just the typical boy with clothing. Mica never was a rough and tumble kid. At least Mica was born first, and his clothes can get handed down. I'm always saying, "Isaak get up and walk on your feet, not your knees." and "Isaak tie your shoes!" I really hate when he's playing basketball and his shoes are untied.

If you're like me, and you get after your kids for needing to tie their shoes everyday before they step out of the house, you'll want to try HICKIES.

Hate stopping to tie your own shoes mid-walk or run? HICKIES products turn any pair of sneakers into convenient, comfortable, and stylish slip-ons that are perfect for any activity from a small activity to a rugged workout.

A Great Stocking Stuffer:

HICKIES sent me a set of kids and adult HICKIES. They work great for Stocking Stuffers for Christmas time.

One set is for kids and the other is for adults. I have to be honest that I don't know if Isaak will wear them. They have pink, which he does like pink, but with his age he may see them to be too girly. 

Mica is in men's shoes, so the grey pair could go to him. 

I had a a problem with the HICKIES in my own shoes. All my shoes have metal clasps that the laces go in. The HICKIES were so loose in them. I had to put them tight just to get pictures for the review. 

I feel kind of bummed that the kid ones won't work for Isaak, and even more bummed that the adult ones won't work in my shoes because of how my shoes have the metal things in there for the laces. 

They were easy to put in, but no way to tighten them if needed.

They make it look like they fit so well! Maybe they would fit great in Mica's shoes. Features: 
  • One size fits all. 
  • Elastic material keeps shoes secure and comfortable. 
Never tie again! Play uninterrupted. Fun look, without messy knots and bows. Adjustable tightness. Quick and easy - simply slip on and off.

@Hickies Never Tie Laces on 25% off w/ code USFAM now thru Sept. 20th! .@usfg

Disclaimer: I received 2 sets of HICKIES to review in exchange for writing this post and a follow up review. HICKIES and US Family Guide did influence my writing, or future review.


Theresa Mahoney said...

These would have been great for Allison. I swear, that girl was always having to tie her shoes in elementary school. Drove me up a wall always having to get on her about her untied shoes.

~ Noelle said...

I have been wanting to get some for Broxton, but really skeptical about them....


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