Tuesday, June 12, 2018

Great Ways to Help Your Kids Develop Healthy Habits

Children who are taught good habits at a younger age succeed in life as those habits retain with them lifelong. A right path is set for children in whom right habits are inculcated. Good habits go a long way in giving good thinking, thought process, and ability to achieve success in life. It not only means daily routine and self-discipline, but it also includes good behavior. Be a good example for your children as they mimic the behavior of parents from a younger age. Hygiene and healthy habits taught to children at a young age, so they turn out to be well cultivated and cultured citizens. Listed below are some habits that must be essentially taught to children at a younger age.

Overhaul food habits

Teach children the importance of healthy food habits and nutrition at a young age. Children love candies and unhealthy foods that do no good for their health. When you teach them to read food labels, you are encouraging them to make healthy food choices. Well, it is good to browse through sites such as Access 2 Knowledge in order to get more information about health and food.

Lucky for us our kids have always eaten well! Mica doesn't care for eggs, but that's about it.

Include exercise in daily routine

Do not let them sleep for long hours. Make exercise a fun routine and exercise with them. Children will love this group activity and make it a lifelong habit. Exercise is a healthy habit that children need to learn at a younger age to stay healthy and fit lifelong.

A long time ago Mica was in t-ball. I was his assistant coach. We've also been very active at the Y doing Family Fitness, swimming, and martial arts. Isaak's found his thing: Basket Ball.

Self-discipline in daily routine

Children must be taught daily habits of self-discipline to wake up early and follow a routine, so it gives their life a proper direction at a young age. Self-discipline includes good behavior, respect for others, and self-respect. Every step of self-discipline can be taught step by step through examples and demonstration. For this parents have to be role models and set a good example that the children can follow.

Do not bribe children

It is important that parents curb a few habits of alluring and bribing children in exchange for good behavior or doing a job. Doing so registers wrong information with regard to any task in the subconscious mind of children. They must instead be taught values and integrity and its importance in the long run.

Encourage outdoor activity

The digital world has influenced children at a very young age, and they are likely to develop wrong notions about a lot of things without the parents being aware of it. Parents must encourage outdoor activities of children and limit their use of technology. Their use of technology must be monitored, so they do not get badly influenced by any information or incident online.

Let them eat junk once in a while

Do not be stern and so strict that it hampers their freedom of expression and development. Reward them with their favourite food when they show discipline and good behaviour but do not overwhelm them with rewards.

Hygiene and cleanliness

Being tardy is a bad trait nobody likes or encourages. Teach them to be neat and clean. Give them small tasks to clean like make their bed and stay groomed. Small habits and tasks that inculcate cleanliness and hygiene keep them healthy.

Good habits are fundamental hallmarks of self-discipline. Children can be taught good habits in a way that makes it fun for them to follow and make them understand its importance. Get creative in disciplining your child and instill good habits in them and make bringing up children fun for you as well as them.


Theresa Mahoney said...

I've always had good food and junk food in our house. I usually let the girls decide what they want to eat themselves. Mainly, they do reach for the fruit and veggies, but will occasionally grab a poptart. It's funny to see Allison get up on school days, grab a cucumber, and eat it on the way to school or come home and grab a handful of brussel sprouts to much on. She's definitely not your typical teenager when it comes to food.

Mandy said...

It's one thing handling all of this with your own children, but I'm trying to handle this with the kids I nanny. It can be … difficult to say the least. I have found that the younger you start the easier it is to teach kids good habits. The 5yo I watch often helps with chores around the house, happily. Her 8yo sister, on the other hand, more frequently complains that "mom doesn't make me do this". ARG. I mean seriously? Flushing the toilet is not beyond an 8yos capabilities. Or picking up her room. Or fixing her own snack of goldfish. Or carrying her bookbag from the car. We all have to do our part. And I'd like to think that by encouraging the kids I watch to help out, I'm making their lives better and taking some of the stress off of mom. That's my goal anyway. Great post. I wish more parents would do this…


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